Wintertime is often associated with slips and falls, especially if your company does not have access to proper snow and ice management. But you don’t have to put your employees or customers in danger. Along with snow management from your friends at Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping, there are several ways to keep your property safe for everyone that walks through your doors.

1. Repair Walkways and Parking Lots

Areas with regular use are prone to wear-and-tear leading to potential trips for pedestrians. These areas can include parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Keep those surfaces safe and clear by conducting regular cleanings, annual sealings, and general repairs on cracks and crevices. This keeps your walkways clear from hidden holes, cracks, and other tripping hazards which could lead to falls during icy weather. 

2. Trim Back Plants

Overgrown plants can be a hazard for falls. They can extend into walkways, driveways, and parking lots creating a serious tripping hazard. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to improve visibility on your property is by trimming back overgrown plants. This ensures that all trees and shrubs will not impede drivers’ or pedestrians’ views, leading to safer conditions on your property. In addition, one of the best times to trim back plants is in the winter as many plants go dormant.

3. Add and Improve Lighting

Improving lighting is another great way to prevent slips and falls, not just in the winter but any time throughout the year. With bad lighting, even the cleanest of surfaces can pose a hazard to pedestrians. If you haven’t already, be sure to install proper lighting around all walkways, parking lots, and surfaces to improve visibility and safety for yourself, employees, and customers.

4. Install Railings

If you haven’t already, consider installing rails along any sloping paths, stairways, or any other areas you feel would benefit from them. This offers visitors extra support while walking on your property, helping to prevent trips or falls and reducing your risk of liability. It’s so important, in fact, that durable railings are required by OSHA for any place of business. Don’t forget this important step!

5. Plan for Snowy and Icy Weather

Perhaps the most important thing you can do during the winter months is plan ahead for snow and ice events. Without planning ahead, you could be risking serious accidents occurring on your property. A simple way to prepare for snow and ice is by hiring snow and ice management services. A good provider will offer state-of-the-art equipment, weather monitoring technology, and plenty of manpower. Snow management services give you the assurance that your property will be cleared in time to keep you and your customers safe from slips and falls this winter. 

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Whether you own a residential complex, a commercial space, or a homeowner’s association, you will need commercial landscape service. But how do you budget for it? What factors do you take into account when considering an investment in landscaping?

Why Landscape Service Is Important For Any Business

As a commercial or retail property owner, you need to make a good impression in order to attract customers. And landscaping matters. You’ve all seen that run-down shopping plaza with weedy flowerbeds and a browning lawn due to the latest drought. Your potential customers will drive on by, looking for a better place to shop. Poor maintenance on the outside suggests that the businesses within will lack attention to important details when making any sort of sale or business transaction. As human beings, we simply feel better about well-maintained landscaping and trust individuals and businesses that take care of their surroundings.

Nicely landscaped properties show possible customers or tenants that the owners of that property care about it. If you are a landlord trying to attract new retail tenants or a homeowner’s association trying to entice people to live in your neighborhood, you need to make a positive first impression. Fortunately, excellent commercial landscape service is a relatively inexpensive way to attract new tenants and businesses.

Consider All Possible Landscaping Expenses

Many commercial property owners just think about the basics when planning a budget for landscaping. They plan for the cost of mowing and trimming and some basic flower bed design, but what about cleaning up after spring and summer storms? What about changing up the flowerbed designs to take advantage of different types of colors and blooming schedules? What about irrigation maintenance, pest control, lawn aeration, and removing dead trees and bushes? It is important to consider all landscaping tasks when planning your commercial landscaping budget, including a budget for snow and ice removal services in the winter months.

Focus on Highly Visible Areas

Most of your landscaping budget should focus on highly visible or high traffic areas such as the following:

Get a Professional Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Assessment

Get a professional like Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping involved in your budget planning process for landscaping expenses. They can assess your property with expert eyes and determine problem areas, where the best places will be to install landscaping and help with tree, shrub, and flower selection for the site.

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Your commercial landscape service shouldn’t just take care of your garden and lawn, but your trees as well. 

That’s where a board-certified master arborist comes in. 

What is a Board-Certified Master Arborist? 

An arborist is a trained professional in the management, cultivation, and study of individual trees and shrubs and typically focuses on the health and safety of plants and trees. A Board-Certified Master Arborist (BCMA) is the highest possible designation an arborist can receive in the industry. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) developed this certification to differentiate the top arborists with exceptional credentials and keep arborists up-to-date on new information and trends in the field.

Qualifications of a BCMA

To qualify for the exam for certification, an arborist must have between three to five years of experience, advanced education in the field, and a thorough understanding of landscape plants. BCMAs also must meet the qualifications for renewal of their certification which ensures that they continue to be aware of the latest practices and standards.

A Board-Certified Master Arborist has a vast understanding of the science that goes into caring for plants, including soil and environmental factors, diagnostic tools and processes, plant identification, water capacity, organic matter, along with many other subjects. In addition, they are experienced in standard safety procedures such as climbing techniques and removal of equipment, water management, soil treatments, and installation.

BCMAs are also aware of various management practices, including industry standards, laws and regulations, ethics, components of a landscape or management plan, implementation and maintenance of projects, tree risk assessments and factors relating to tree risk, and more.

Benefits of a BCMA for Commercial Landscape Service

Having a Board-Certified Master Arborist ensures that your company can perform anything necessary to care for trees. Not all arborists can do all of the same things a BCMA can. Some arborists only provide consulting services, while others can only perform climbing, planting, and pruning. In addition, many commercial property owners, industrial sites, and municipal properties require a BCMA for their commercial landscape service to handle all their tree care needs due to concerns with project and worker safety. This helps reduce liability issues. A basic arborist may create problems with liability due to improper care technique, safety issues, and poor workmanship.

Having a BCMA available to you ensures that your arborist can appropriately perform all of the necessary tasks to offer the highest quality care available for trees, shrubs, vines, and other woody plants. Since you have invested a lot in your landscape design, don’t you owe it to yourself to hire a landscape contractor with a BCMA on staff?

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At Aeroscape Property Maintenance, we know that as your chosen commercial landscape service, we need to care for your entire property. That’s we have tree and shrub care experts on staff, in addition to a Board-Certified Master Arborist that can assist you with all of your landscaping and property maintenance needs. Contact us today to get your free quote and see what Aeroscape can do for you. We serve Salt Lake City down to Provo, Utah. 

By today’s standards, an excellent commercial property maintenance company doesn’t just mow lawns or plant trees. 

Keep reading to find out what five services your property maintenance company should be providing to you all year long. 


1. Landscape Maintenance Services

These are the basic landscaping services typically associated with commercial property maintenance, namely:


2. Landscape Design Services

Landscape design services are often overlooked; however, they are at the core of any commercial landscape service. Your maintenance provider should be able to understand the design process for commercial properties and develop seasonal flower bed designs, rock garden designs, water feature designs, and many other services to enhance the appearance of your commercial and retail properties. Other landscape design services include the design of specific outdoor elements such as patios, gazebos, play areas, and other outdoor focal points.


3. Landscape Construction Services

Once you have the design in place, you need someone who is able to bring that vision to life. Your maintenance provider should have the experience and know-how to be able to turn your grass lawn into the oasis of your dreams. Good landscape design needs flower beds constructed, retaining walls built, water features put into place, and much more. A good commercial maintenance company needs to also be aware of potential issues such as drainage, irrigation, erosion control, and traffic patterns of both people and vehicles to assure that the construction is completed with good results.


4. Irrigation Services

One of the most important aspects of handling landscapes for maintaining commercial properties in the dry, Utah climate is making sure that the grass, flowers, plants and trees that you just invested in stay vibrant and lush. This will most likely involve the design and installation of an irrigation system. Your irrigation system needs to be carefully designed and constructed to meet the needs of your landscaping, as well as maintained, winterized, and repaired when needed. 


5. Snow Removal Services

The need for a commercial property maintenance company doesn’t go away when winter arrives, you also need a plan in place for when the weather gets cold and snowy. De-icing and snow removal services for your parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas will be essential to keep your employees and customers safe, and your landscaping needs to be prepared for the winter months through pruning, tree wrapping, deep root watering, and litter and debris clean up.


Looking for a Commercial Property Maintenance Provider?

If you’re in need of an excellent commercial property maintenance provider, contact the experts at Aeroscape Landscaping and Property Maintenance today. We provide a comprehensive suite of landscaping property maintenance services and have years of experience in feature design and installation. Call us for a free consultation, we proudly serve Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, and Davis counties in the beautiful state of Utah, 

With the arrival of fall, most commercial property owners think that this is a good time to kick back and relax. The constant lawn and flowerbed care slows down in preparation for the long winter ahead, but besides raking and collecting the falling leaves, what other services from a commercial landscaper are important? There are many, you can check out our Fall Landscaping and Property Maintenance Checklist if you are looking for a shortlist of tasks to do. (more…)

Every commercial business whether it is a retail establishment, an office building, industrial park, or apartment or condo complex, should have budget dedicated to commercial landscape services year-round. But many businesses fail to budget for these services adequately and end up paying more in the long run. Here are a few tips for avoiding common landscape budgeting mistakes.


This is a question we get asked often and (in general) the answer is that weekly commercial property landscape maintenance services are best for almost all situations. Through the late spring until late fall, there are lots of weekly commercial landscaping and lawn care needs for most commercial properties. Let’s face it. During the nicer months of the year, our landscaping needs a lot of attention. Services such as mowing, trimming, weeding, edging, leaf and debris removal all should be done weekly. Waiting much longer than that and our landscaping begins to look unruly, or (in particularly dry summers) might get scorched and die.


So, what is a commercial landscaping service, and how can it help you? Commercial landscapers offer a variety of different services, well beyond just lawn care and weeding. From snow and ice removal to landscape design to plant health care, there is a service that can fit your landscaping needs. Commercial landscapers offer services for both businesses and homeowners.


Winter is coming, and with that, so are icy sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. As a business owner, it is crucial to be prepared for this weather. Not being prepared means risking the safety of employees, customers, and visitors on your property in addition to giving your company a bad reputation. Now is the time to winterproof your property and prevent slips, trips, and falls during those cold months. Here are 4 tips for reducing liability and optimizing safety.


Maintaining your property goes well beyond simply mowing the lawn and planting your garden. Contrary to popular belief, one of the best times to hire a professional landscaper for your property is in the fall and winter. While many people don’t consider landscaping for the fall and winter months, there are many useful services a professional landscaping company can offer you. Here are five major reasons to hire a landscaper for the fall and winter seasons.