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5 Services an Excellent Commercial Property Maintenance Company Provides

Posted : June 16, 2021

By today’s standards, an excellent commercial property maintenance company doesn’t just mow lawns or plant trees. 

Keep reading to find out what five services your property maintenance company should be providing to you all year long. 


1. Landscape Maintenance Services

These are the basic landscaping services typically associated with commercial property maintenance, namely:

  • Lawn care services – This includes planting, mowing, trimming, and edging grass.
  • Tree and shrub care – Planting and trimming trees and shrubs. 
  • Turf care – Installing and maintaining plastic turf.


2. Landscape Design Services

Landscape design services are often overlooked; however, they are at the core of any commercial landscape service. Your maintenance provider should be able to understand the design process for commercial properties and develop seasonal flower bed designs, rock garden designs, water feature designs, and many other services to enhance the appearance of your commercial and retail properties. Other landscape design services include the design of specific outdoor elements such as patios, gazebos, play areas, and other outdoor focal points.


3. Landscape Construction Services

Once you have the design in place, you need someone who is able to bring that vision to life. Your maintenance provider should have the experience and know-how to be able to turn your grass lawn into the oasis of your dreams. Good landscape design needs flower beds constructed, retaining walls built, water features put into place, and much more. A good commercial maintenance company needs to also be aware of potential issues such as drainage, irrigation, erosion control, and traffic patterns of both people and vehicles to assure that the construction is completed with good results.


4. Irrigation Services

One of the most important aspects of handling landscapes for maintaining commercial properties in the dry, Utah climate is making sure that the grass, flowers, plants and trees that you just invested in stay vibrant and lush. This will most likely involve the design and installation of an irrigation system. Your irrigation system needs to be carefully designed and constructed to meet the needs of your landscaping, as well as maintained, winterized, and repaired when needed. 


5. Snow Removal Services

The need for a commercial property maintenance company doesn’t go away when winter arrives, you also need a plan in place for when the weather gets cold and snowy. De-icing and snow removal services for your parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas will be essential to keep your employees and customers safe, and your landscaping needs to be prepared for the winter months through pruning, tree wrapping, deep root watering, and litter and debris clean up.


Looking for a Commercial Property Maintenance Provider?

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