Commercial landscape service Provo

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaping Company This Fall and Winter

Posted : October 1, 2019

Maintaining your property goes well beyond simply mowing the lawn and planting your garden. Contrary to popular belief, one of the best times to hire a professional landscaper for your property is in the fall and winter. While many people don’t consider landscaping for the fall and winter months, there are many useful services a professional landscaping company can offer you. Here are five major reasons to hire a landscaper for the fall and winter seasons.

Commercial landscape service Provo

1. Protect Your Home/Business

Your home or business is a major investment, and it is crucial that you protect that investment. Hiring a landscaper during the fall and winter months helps keep leaves and tree limbs from damaging your property. A professional landscaper will both remove the leaves from your property as well as ensure that there is no damage to your property incurred by the landscaping. So, sit back and relax while knowing your property is in good hands.

2. Ice and Snow Removal Services for Safety

In the late fall and winter months, homes are often submerged in snow and ice. One of the many services provided by a professional landscaping company is ice and snow and ice removal services. Keep your family safe by hiring a landscaping company to take care of these hazards for you. In addition, having a clear driveway will make your commute faster too. So why wake up early to do the work yourself when someone else can do a safer, more thorough job?

Commercial snow and ice removal service are also imperative for your business’s success. A business owner’s worst fear is having a customer slip and fall on their premises. By hiring a professional landscaping company that offers ice and snow removal services, you can avoid this hazard and keep your business running smoothly. In addition, a property cleared of snow and ice encourages customers to keep returning to your business.

3. Winter-Proofing Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system for your lawn, this one is a must. To protect your irrigation system from the harsh cold of late fall and winter months, hire a landscaping company to help winter-proof your equipment. A good landscaping company will make sure there’s no remaining water in the pipes to avoid bursts. They will also check to make sure you have the right back-flow prevention device if your irrigation system is connected to a domestic water supply.

4. Restoring Your Lawn

Although most homeowners don’t consider this until spring, the best time to “remodel” your lawn is in the fall. This allows you to take advantage of the seasons to make the process a little easier. A professional landscaper will the rake your lawn, exposing the soil beneath to and plant and fertilize new seeds. Wintertime provides these seeds with enough water to allow them to germinate without needing any additional watering.

5. Tree Pruning

The best time to prune trees is when the leaves have fallen off – autumn. A landscaper will have the best sight of the tree structure and will be able to work faster, saving you money. Generally, tree services prices are based on the access to the tree and with the leaves fallen, access will be clearer resulting in faster, cheaper service.

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