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Budgeting Factors to Consider for Commercial Landscape Service

Posted : November 17, 2021

Whether you own a residential complex, a commercial space, or a homeowner’s association, you will need commercial landscape service. But how do you budget for it? What factors do you take into account when considering an investment in landscaping?

Why Landscape Service Is Important For Any Business

As a commercial or retail property owner, you need to make a good impression in order to attract customers. And landscaping matters. You’ve all seen that run-down shopping plaza with weedy flowerbeds and a browning lawn due to the latest drought. Your potential customers will drive on by, looking for a better place to shop. Poor maintenance on the outside suggests that the businesses within will lack attention to important details when making any sort of sale or business transaction. As human beings, we simply feel better about well-maintained landscaping and trust individuals and businesses that take care of their surroundings.

Nicely landscaped properties show possible customers or tenants that the owners of that property care about it. If you are a landlord trying to attract new retail tenants or a homeowner’s association trying to entice people to live in your neighborhood, you need to make a positive first impression. Fortunately, excellent commercial landscape service is a relatively inexpensive way to attract new tenants and businesses.

Consider All Possible Landscaping Expenses

Many commercial property owners just think about the basics when planning a budget for landscaping. They plan for the cost of mowing and trimming and some basic flower bed design, but what about cleaning up after spring and summer storms? What about changing up the flowerbed designs to take advantage of different types of colors and blooming schedules? What about irrigation maintenance, pest control, lawn aeration, and removing dead trees and bushes? It is important to consider all landscaping tasks when planning your commercial landscaping budget, including a budget for snow and ice removal services in the winter months.

Focus on Highly Visible Areas

Most of your landscaping budget should focus on highly visible or high traffic areas such as the following:

  • Entrances and exits into the spaces into complexes, retail spaces, or commercial property
  • Areas where people tend to congregate outdoors such as picnic areas, play areas, and entrances into buildings
  • Along the roads nearest the entrances and exits
  • Surrounding any signage or other highly visible elements of your building or the space around it

Get a Professional Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Assessment

Get a professional like Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping involved in your budget planning process for landscaping expenses. They can assess your property with expert eyes and determine problem areas, where the best places will be to install landscaping and help with tree, shrub, and flower selection for the site.

Have Aeroscape Help with Your Commercial Landscape Service Budget

We have a certified arborist on staff and experts in every aspect of landscape design and maintenance available to put together the perfect landscaping plan that will attract new customers and raise property values in the area. Just give us a call at (801)-823-4356 or click on our “Contact an Expert” green arrow on any page of our website to get started.