Commercial landscape maintenance Park City, UT

Weekly vs Bi-Weekly Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance – Which is Better?

Posted : March 8, 2020

This is a question we get asked often and (in general) the answer is that weekly commercial property landscape maintenance services are best for almost all situations. Through the late spring until late fall, there are lots of weekly commercial landscaping and lawn care needs for most commercial properties. Let’s face it. During the nicer months of the year, our landscaping needs a lot of attention. Services such as mowing, trimming, weeding, edging, leaf and debris removal all should be done weekly. Waiting much longer than that and our landscaping begins to look unruly, or (in particularly dry summers) might get scorched and die.

Commercial landscape maintenance Park City, UT

Weekly Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Services Keeps You Looking Professional

It keeps your property looking sharp and professional. Let’s face it. Our customers judge us by our appearance, and if our grass looks overgrown–or worse yet–has dead patches in the lawn and wilted flowers in the flower beds, these may factor in whether that client decides to chose you over a competitor. In addition, keeping leaves and debris out of parking lots and walkways prevent safety hazards if they are not taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Bi-Weekly Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Services Are Not Necessarily Cheaper

Waiting to have your landscape maintenance services performed every other week can result in more work for the landscaping crew, tall grass, trimming and weeding may require more effort to make the landscaping look good, which takes up more time. And if you are paying by the hour, this may end up being almost as expensive as weekly landscape maintenance services when the work is completed.

Weekly Landscape Services Address Small Problems Before They Become Big Ones

Getting your property’s landscaping maintained every other week might create problems of their own. With weekly service, if a problem crops up, you are less than 6 days away from having it addressed. So fast growing patches of grass can be trimmed, the parking lots and walkways swept free of debris, and if any of the flower beds, shrubs or trees show signs of distress, typically waiting a few days won’t make that much of a difference. However, waiting 14 days for service may result in dead flowers, a long wait before debris can be cleared from parking lots and sidewalks, and scorched patches of grass.

Ideal Situations for Bi-Weekly Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Services

Some businesses just don’t need as diligent of landscaping maintenance. Areas outside of retail and commercial services such as medical practices, business services, apartment complexes and other high traffic areas might not need as much attention. Buildings located in low traffic industrial, or sparsely populated areas can probably get away with getting services every other week most of the year. These areas tend to have “no-nonsense” landscaping that consists of simple lawn care and maybe some basic drought-resistant decorative landscaping that doesn’t require the attention of businesses in higher traffic areas.

Aeroscape is Your “Go-To” Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Provider

Whether you need weekly or bi-weekly commercial property landscape maintenance, Aeroscape, can deliver it. Our experienced landscape professionals provide commercial mowing services, shrub and tree care, concrete sweeping and repair and much more. Call us at (801) 567-2383 or click on our Contact an Expert green arrow on any page of our website to get in touch with us today.