Providing fall commercial landscape service in Park City, UT

What Services Should a Commercial Landscape Provider Deliver in the Fall?

Posted : August 8, 2020

With the arrival of fall, most commercial property owners think that this is a good time to kick back and relax. The constant lawn and flowerbed care slows down in preparation for the long winter ahead, but besides raking and collecting the falling leaves, what other services from a commercial landscaper are important? There are many, you can check out our Fall Landscaping and Property Maintenance Checklist if you are looking for a shortlist of tasks to do.

Providing fall commercial landscape service in Park City, UT

Tree Care Services

Most people don’t realize that fall is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs for your landscaping. If your property needs a landscape refresh, there is no better time than autumn to do it. Ideally, this planting should be done about six weeks before the first frost.

For the trees already on your property, fall is the best time to prune away dead branches and trim branches that overhang power lines, driveways and walkways, to prevent damage to your property and landscaping. And finally, all trees, but especially evergreens and newly planted trees, should get a good deep watering and have fertilizer applied to help keep them healthy through the long winter months.

Shrub and Perennial Plant Services

As stated above in the Tree Care Services section, fall is a great time for planting new shrubs and perennials. It is also the time where you should cut back all of your perennials so they will grow back stronger next year.

Lawn Care Services

Your commercial lawn care provider should be lowering the mower height in order to get your grass length to 1 ½ to 2 inches, whichever is shorter without scalping your lawn. This assures that your grass won’t matt under snow cover and protect it from mold as it gets warmer in the spring.

Fall is also the perfect time to plant new grass in those bald patches or wherever the grass is too thin. As long as it is done early enough in the fall, it can build strong roots and grow well when spring arrives.

Other lawn care actions that should be taken at this time include aerating the lawn as well as applying fertilizer to nourish the lawn for a stronger start in the spring and herbicides for improved weed control. But last, make sure that the lawn gets a few deep waterings before the first frost arrives.

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