Double flowered Japanese Rose for landscape design services in Utah

The Best Flowering Shrubs to Consider for Your Landscape Design in Utah – Part 2

Posted : May 3, 2018

This month, is Part 2 of our blog series on selecting the best flowering shrubs for your landscape design in Utah introduces three more flowering shrubs: the Double Flowered Japanese Rose, the Daphne “Carol Mackie” and Mediterranean Pink Heather.

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Double Flowered Japanese Rose

The Double-Flowered Japanese Rose, also commonly known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas.” The name “double-flowered” refers to the fact that it often blooms twice each year, once in early spring and then again in late summer to early fall. The flowers are a brilliant yellow color and look like rose blossoms.

Double-flowered Japanese Rose for landscape design services in Utah

These shrubs grow very fast and can get as large as 8 to 10 feet tall and wide. They are tough plants that handle the hot and dry Utah climate well and can thrive in partial to full sun.

Carol Mackie Daphne

The Carol Mackie Daphne is one of the most popular varieties of flowering shrub in Utah. They grow white to light pink flowers that smell very good and have unusual green leaves that are “outlined” in a light gold color.

Carol Mackie Daphne for landscape design services in Utah

These shrubs are round and compact, growing as tall as 3 feet, and a bit wider than that. They do well in full sun or partial shade, but do need to have moist, well-drained soil. Once they are established they tolerate dry conditions very well, but do not try to transplant them once they have been established because they do not handle the change well and often die.

Mediterranean Pink Heather

This evergreen shrub is always one of the first shrubs to bloom in late winter or early spring. These plants produce small pink flowers clustered together. The Mediterranean Pink Heather is good for borders (especially for raised flower beds), ground cover or container gardening. The best place to plan these are on hillsides in the full sun with damp soil that drains well. Once it has been established it requires little care other than pruning it back every so often to make it full and less wild.

Mediterranean Pink Heather for landscape design services in Utah

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