Blue Mist Shrub for landscape design in Utah

The Best Flowering Shrubs to Consider for Your Landscape Design in Utah – Part 1

Posted : March 15, 2018

This month, we are kicking off a new blog series on selecting the best flowering shrubs for your landscape design in Utah. Utah is a challenging environment for flowering shrubs. The arid climate, the hot full-summer sun, winters with heavy snowfall, and a wide variety of soil qualities and composition all can be factors impacting the health of flowering shrubs. This series will provide information about some of the flowering shrubs that thrive in the state of Utah.

Blue Mist Caryopteris

One of the most beautiful, easy-to-care-for, drought tolerant flowering bushes is the Blue Mist Caryopteris. Also known as Blue Mist Shrubs, this plant produces clusters of fragrant flowers ranging in colors of blue and purple in late summer. These flowers attract beneficial insects Blue Mist Shrubs prefer well drained soil and full sun for the best results and grow in 2 to 3-foot mounds. They are also very disease and insect resistant.

Blue Mist Shrub for landscape design in Utah


This is another hardy plant that thrives in arid conditions and soil types, lives at high altitudes and requires little maintenance. It blooms in mid-summer producing stalks with numerous clusters of white, five-pedal rose-like flowers that reminds some people of a summer lilac. These flowers attract many beneficial insects such as honeybees and butterflies, as well as small seed-eating birds.

Fernbush for landscape design in Utah


The Serviceberry has many names: Shadbush, Juneberry, Saskatoon and Sugarplum just to name a few. It is a popular choice for Utah landscaping because it is easy to care for, tolerant of cold weather, thrives in common soil and water, and can handle life in the full sun. It produces clusters of white or light pink flowers in the spring and produces sweet blueberry-like berries in mid-summer that are loved by birds and people alike.

Serviceberry for landscape design in Utah

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