Slender deutzia for landscape design services in Utah

The Best Flowering Shrubs to Consider for Your Landscape Design in Utah – Part 3

Posted : June 3, 2018

This month is our final part of our blog series on selecting the best flowering shrubs for your landscape design in Utah. This article provides details about three more flowering shrubs: Slender Deutzia, the Snowball Bush, and Ninebark.

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Slender Deutzia (Deutzia Gracilis)

The Slender Deutzia is part of hydrangea family and originally native to Japan. It typically grows between 2 to 4 feet high and about the same width. It is commonly used to add some late spring and early summer color and scent to border areas. During bloom, it produces bell-shaped white flowers which are fragrant and bloom for several weeks.

The Slender Deutzia is a great choice for Utah landscaping because it grows easily with average moisture and prefers the full sun.

Slender deutzia for landscape design services in Utah

Snowball Bush (Viburnum opulus)

The Snowball Bush is tall shrub that can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall and spreads about the same distance. It can be used as a hedge and provide some privacy because of its size and density. This shrub gets its name from the large 3-inch clusters of fragrant white flowers that it produces each spring that look similar to “snowballs.”

This shrub is great for Utah climates because once it has been established, it is drought tolerant and it loves full sun. In fact, the more exposure to direct sunlight this shrub gets, the more flowers it produces.

Snowball Bush for landscape design services in Utah


Ninebark is a rapid-growing plant that is named from the bark that peels away in strips revealing different colors and shades. This plant can grow anywhere between 3 to 8 feet tall and expand anywhere from 3 to 12 feet. Because of this, Ninebark is used frequently as hedges, privacy screens, and for erosion control.

It prefers full sun and, once established, is very tolerant to drought making it an excellent part of your landscape design in Utah. It is also disliked by deer which is an added bonus. Ninebark varieties are also out there which change the color of the leaves from their original deep purple to many other shades of gold, amber and copper.

The foliage of these plants tends to outshine the flowers the Ninebark produces, large white to light pink blossoms that give this plant some added appeal.

Ninebark for landscape design services in Utah

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