Using blue spruce for landscape design in Utah

3 Functions of Trees in Landscaping Design

Posted : December 30, 2017

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when selecting trees for your landscaping design is: Why do you want a tree? The answer usually boils down to one of the following reasons:

Adding Color and Beauty to the Landscaping

To add color, nothing will beat a flowering tree such as a variety of Japanese Maple, or a variety of Crape Myrtle. Also think about the time of season you want the color to emerge within the landscaping. Spring flowering trees such as varieties of dogwood or crabapple trees are best. For fall flowering trees, consider an Autumn Flowering Cherry.

Adding Privacy and/or Wind Protection

Evergreen trees such as the Utah state tree, the blue spruce, or any variety of cypress or fir trees are the best types of trees to plant for secluding areas of your yard, or serve as a windbreak for some of your more fragile trees or shrubs.

Using blue spruce for landscape design in Utah

Providing Shade

If it is shade that you are looking for, look no further than planting a variety of maple or sycamore and plant them on the south or west side of your property.

Need Help Selecting Trees for Your Landscaping Around the House?

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