Every winter, nearly 12,000 people take a trip to the emergency room due to a snow removal accident. 100 of those accidents result in death. Who knew that shoveling snow could be so dangerous? 

Safety is one of just many reasons that Utah home and business owners should leave snow and ice removal to the professionals. Here’s a look at some of the others.

Safety First

Many snow shoveling accidents occur in adults over the age of 55. Cold air slows the flow of oxygen to the heart, and sudden cardiac arrest is a genuine concern when combined with the increased heart rate and blood pressure from shoveling snow. Removing snow is strenuous work, and it’s safest to leave it to the professionals. 

It Saves Time

How much time did you spend outside shoveling snow last time a big storm hit? A large driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot can take hours to clear if you don’t have the right equipment. Even with a snowblower or plow, it takes a considerable amount of time to remove the snow and lay down ice melt. 

Professional snow removal companies have the right equipment to make quick work of your property so you can spend your time on the things that matter most.

It’s Convenient

Do you go to bed the night before a big storm with dread, knowing you’ll have to wake up while it’s still dark to shovel snow before you leave to work? With snow and ice removal services, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ll wake up to a professionally cleared driveway without ever having to lift a finger. 

As a bonus, you can also say goodbye to late-night trips to the gas station to buy ice melt and weekends spent tinkering on the snowblower trying to get it running again. 

Snow Removal Companies Provide High-Quality Results

Proper cleaning of sidewalks and driveways takes the right equipment and know-how to get the job done. Failing to get every layer of snow and ice can result in serious slip and fall accidents, so it’s best to leave the snow and ice removal to someone who’s experienced in safely and adequately clearing walkways. 

The proper methods will leave your sidewalks clean and clear long after the storm is gone. 

Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping Is Your Local Snow Removal Specialist

If snow removal is making your to-do list seem unreasonable, Aerorscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping is here to help. Our snow and ice removal specialists are ready to serve your Utah home or business whenever a winter storm hits.

For more information, give us a call at 801.823.4356 or fill out a simple online form at the bottom of our snow and ice removal services page, and an Aeroscape account manager will get in touch with you promptly. In Midvale, Utah, we provide property maintenance and landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the greater Salt Lake area, including Park City, Lehi, and more. Contact us today to get started!

When it comes to making the exterior of your home as beautiful as possible, there’s nothing like outdoor landscape lighting to get it done.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home, are in love with the home you’ve had for years, or you’re looking for a simple and effective way to enhance your curb appeal, outdoor landscape lighting is the way to go.

However, we understand that this is a fairly broad topic. Where is the right place to start? What are the things we should be avoiding? Take a look at our do’s and don’ts of outdoor landscape lighting!

Do Focus on Lighting The House First

Your home should be the primary focus, so focusing on how you’re going to light that before your landscaping and walkways are going to be a great place to start. On top of that, once you’ve taken care of lighting your home, finding inspiration and direction for lighting the other areas of your property will become significantly easier.

Don’t Place Lights in a Straight Line

Next up, you’ll want to be sure to avoid putting lights in a straight line. Whether it’s on your walkway or highlighting your beautiful shrubbery, add variation to how you place your lights. It will be more appealing to the eye.

Do Be Mindful of Light Bulb Choice

The main idea with outdoor landscape lighting is to create a soft, inviting glow around your home. The wrong bulb can shed a stark, blinding light, ruining the look you carefully planned. Choose soft LED lights. You’ll get the glow you’ve envisioned for your exterior lighting, and they’ll last longer. It’s a win-win.

Don’t Cover Wires with Sod or Mulch

It may seem like a quick fix at first, but this can turn into a serious lawnmower problem in the near future. Instead of getting lighting that is wired, go with wireless. It’s sure to be a worthwhile investment.

Do Choose the Right Light Fixtures

There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing your lighting. Think about the architecture of your home, as well as the scale of the fixtures. While there may be one in particular that you’ve fallen in love with, it’s possible that, when installed by your front door, it looks too big and gaudy, or perhaps it’s small and understated. Make sure you’re getting the fixtures that will truly compliment your home.

Don’t Miss the Little Details

And last but not least, don’t skip out on the little details. Once the house and prominent aspects of your property have been lit, think about what more you could add to enhance your curb appeal. Are there some flowers you could highlight? What about a water fixture? These small details are going to make a big difference!

Aeroscape Property Maintenance and Landscaping for Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Looking for a helping hand with your outdoor landscape lighting? Aeroscape Property Maintenance and Landscaping is passionate about providing individuals in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley with exceptional landscaping services. Contact us today to get more details!

Winter is here, snow is falling, it’s all magical, right? There’s no harm in not removing snow from the sidewalks and driveway, right?

If I were you, I’d think twice about that.

When left unattended, an excess amount of snow becomes dangerous. Check out some of the main issues that come with not removing snow.

Ice Issues

When the snow starts to melt, it will trickle down and settle on your driveway and sidewalks. However, this is a lengthy process that can take days to complete. Part of that process is that those small trickles freeze, creating a thin – but dangerous – layer of ice.

You don’t want to find yourself hurrying down your sidewalk only to slip and fall, and you certainly don’t want to be backing out of your driveway in the morning and stat uncontrollably sliding in the wrong direction.

This is easily remedied by breaking out that snow shovel and moving snow so that it’s out of the way so that there is no possibility of dangerous ice issues.

Car Troubles

Another major issue that you run into when you don’t remove snow? Car troubles.

For example: let’s say you have a car that you don’t use often, but one day in the middle of winter, you find that you need to drive it for the day. If it’s snowed in with old, frozen snow, it’s going to be incredibly challenging trying to get it out.

Another example: there was a big snowfall last night, and you need to back out of your driveway to get to work. Instead of removing snow, you try to gun it out through the snow. This is a surefire way to get stuck, which is not preferable if you’re heading out for work.

And on top of all of that, if you let your car sit in deep snow overnight or for extended periods of time, you could be facing a rust issue, which is definitely not something that you want.

Possible Liabilities

If you neglect the task of removing snow at your place of business and someone gets an injury from slipping, you can be facing some unsavory liabilities. It’s always wise to prioritize removing snow, but this is especially true in a business setting.

On top of that, the combination of shoveling snow and ice melt will work wonders with making your walkways as safe as possible. Make sure you’re stocked up on all the snow removal essentials to make your business a safe place to be.

Aeroscape Property Maintenance and Landscaping Can Take Care of Your Snow

Removing snow is inevitable during the winter, but doing it yourself doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a helping hand with your snow removal, consider Aeroscape Property Maintenane and Landscaping. Serving in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley, we offer a variety of landscaping services, including snow removal. Contact us today to get more details on what we can do for you!

Wintertime is often associated with slips and falls, especially if your company does not have access to proper snow and ice management. But you don’t have to put your employees or customers in danger. Along with snow management from your friends at Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping, there are several ways to keep your property safe for everyone that walks through your doors.

1. Repair Walkways and Parking Lots

Areas with regular use are prone to wear-and-tear leading to potential trips for pedestrians. These areas can include parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Keep those surfaces safe and clear by conducting regular cleanings, annual sealings, and general repairs on cracks and crevices. This keeps your walkways clear from hidden holes, cracks, and other tripping hazards which could lead to falls during icy weather. 

2. Trim Back Plants

Overgrown plants can be a hazard for falls. They can extend into walkways, driveways, and parking lots creating a serious tripping hazard. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to improve visibility on your property is by trimming back overgrown plants. This ensures that all trees and shrubs will not impede drivers’ or pedestrians’ views, leading to safer conditions on your property. In addition, one of the best times to trim back plants is in the winter as many plants go dormant.

3. Add and Improve Lighting

Improving lighting is another great way to prevent slips and falls, not just in the winter but any time throughout the year. With bad lighting, even the cleanest of surfaces can pose a hazard to pedestrians. If you haven’t already, be sure to install proper lighting around all walkways, parking lots, and surfaces to improve visibility and safety for yourself, employees, and customers.

4. Install Railings

If you haven’t already, consider installing rails along any sloping paths, stairways, or any other areas you feel would benefit from them. This offers visitors extra support while walking on your property, helping to prevent trips or falls and reducing your risk of liability. It’s so important, in fact, that durable railings are required by OSHA for any place of business. Don’t forget this important step!

5. Plan for Snowy and Icy Weather

Perhaps the most important thing you can do during the winter months is plan ahead for snow and ice events. Without planning ahead, you could be risking serious accidents occurring on your property. A simple way to prepare for snow and ice is by hiring snow and ice management services. A good provider will offer state-of-the-art equipment, weather monitoring technology, and plenty of manpower. Snow management services give you the assurance that your property will be cleared in time to keep you and your customers safe from slips and falls this winter. 

Trust Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping for Snow and Ice Management in the Salt Lake City, Utah

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