The rest of the year, Aeroscape is an award-winning property maintenance and landscape design company, but during the winter we become your commercial snow removal specialists ready to take on even the biggest winter storms.

Aeroscape Invests in Snow and Ice Management Equipment

Aeroscape has made a significant investment in its snow and ice management equipment over the last several years, purchasing dozens of trucks with poly-blades for parking structures, as well as winter storm-specific upgrades, including new box plows for our front-end loaders and skid-steers.

Commercial snow removal in Salt Lake City

“It was time to upgrade our investment in snow and ice management equipment,” says Ryan Brown, President/CEO of Aeroscape. “Our retail and large commercial properties asked for faster response times and quicker snow and ice removal, so we took the plunge and upgraded our fleet.”

Aeroscape not only invested in new snow removal equipment for parking lots, access roads, and parking garages but added snow blowers specifically designed to handle sidewalks and entries. We also outfitted our landscaping fleet to manage Utah’s storms, including preparing front-end loaders for snow stacking, and when that is too much, transferring snow to Aeroscape’s fleet of dump trucks or side-dump trailers to haul the snow off-site. They also stock up on road salt and ice melt to help keep the cleared parking lots and garages, sidewalks, and front entries snow and ice-free for all. Aeroscape goes through 100,000 tons of road salt and 100 tons of ice melt on average each year.

“Nothing goes to waste here at Aeroscape. During the winter, our crew remains on the alert for winter storms. Once the storm arrives, we transform into a fast and efficient snow removal fleet,” says Chad Spenser, Chief Operating Officer at Aeroscape.

Aeroscape’s Winter Storm Operations Center

Aeroscape is on-call 24/7 when a winter storm threatens and activates a winter storm call center to coordinate snow removal efforts for their clients. Because Aeroscape uses GPS tracking on all of their heavy equipment, the call center can dispatch snow removal fleets at a moment’s notice to where they are needed most. For more information, give us a call at 801.569.2383 or fill out a simple online form at the bottom of our snow and ice removal services page, and an Aeroscape account manager will get in touch with you.