Every homeowner and business owner wants their property to stand out from the other properties in their area, and the best way to achieve this is through professional landscaping. Enlisting the services of a full-service landscaping company that provides a full spectrum of landscaping, maintenance, and design services is a true game-changer. Here is a list of the top benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to hire professionals to do your landscaping.

You’ll Have Time to Devote to Other Tasks

One of the most significant benefits of using a full-service company is the ability for a home or business owner to manage their time more effectively. We would all love to have the time to spend hours on our landscaping, but that’s just not possible. 

The reality, however, is that time is one of our most valuable assets, and most people would rather spend time with family or addressing more pressing issues within their business. A landscaping company can free up that time by taking care of all your landscaping needs, from weekly grounds maintenance to grounds enhancements and designs and even snow removal.

Unrivaled Expertise

Another benefit a professional landscaping company can provide is unmatched expertise. Having professionals available that can provide information on grounds maintenance, fertilization, pest control, horticulture, botany, and landscape design and installation all within one company is essential to both businesses and homeowners. Having the confidence that any questions about your landscape can be answered with a single phone call is invaluable.

Reduced Your Risk of Injuries

Like any type of manual labor, landscaping is hard work and can take a toll on the body. If you don’t know how to maintain your landscaping correctly, you could end up getting injured. Professional landscapers know how to do their jobs efficiently and safely, making it a lot safer to just hire a landscaping business instead of trying to do it yourself. Injuries could cost you both time and money if you have to step away from work or from managing your business.

Professional Landscaping Saves You Money

Finally, utilizing a full-service landscaping company can provide significant cost savings.  Companies like this often have all the latest equipment and skilled employees to offer landscaping services and snow removal. This gives the customer the ability to use one company year-round for their property needs. This results in cost savings when compared to using multiple companies to accomplish the same goals.

Choose Aerospace Property Maintenance  for your Professional Landscaping

Using a full-service landscape company like Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping can benefit commercial and residential customers by relieving the stresses of dealing with landscapes of any size or scope. If you’re ready to hire our professional landscaping experts to help elevate your property’s potential, give us a call today. We service the greater Salt Lake Area, from Park City to Lehi, and we’re dedicated to providing you with only the best landscaping services. 

Living in Utah can provide a variety of seasons, some of which require a sprinkler system to keep your grass looking pristine and green. So how do you know if your sprinkler system needs maintenance? We are dishing it all out here, so stay tuned.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If You Live In A Cold Climate

When temperatures drop to a certain degree, pipes can freeze. If the temperature stays there for an extended period, you can ultimately have a damaged system. If you live in a state with below-freezing temperatures, you will need to winterize your sprinkler system each year.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If Your Grass Has Dead Patches

Your lawn could be losing its luster in many ways. You could have animals whose urine turns your grass brown, certain lawn mites that infest the grass, or it could be a watering issue. If you start to notice a few brown patches sprouting up all over your lawn, it might be time to check your sprinkling system. You may need to take a few days to watch your sprinkler patterns to see how and where your water will get a good idea of how to fix your coverage.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If Your Lawn Is Flooded

If you notice your lawn has overflowing water or is unusually muddy, you might have a sprinkler issue. Too much water can also kill your lawn and cause brown patches. Adjusting your sprinkler system time allotment and coverage can help prevent both of these issues.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If You Find A Leak

The problem with leaks in your sprinkler system is that all the pipes are underground. If you spring a leak, it can cause severe damage to your lawn and potentially your house without your knowledge. A few ways you can detect a leak are as follows:

Visit Aeroscape Property Landscaping & Maintenance For Your Sprinkler Needs

At Aeroscape Property Landscaping & Maintenance, we are your commercial landscaping experts. We have a deep knowledge base on horticulture, turf management, landscape construction, as well as snow and ice control. We take pride in helping you find the right tools you need to keep your lawn pristine and your sprinkler system working for years to come. 

If you have questions or need some advice, we are here to assist. Our friendly team of staff is eager to aid you in any issue you need to give your home the care it deserves. We have an office located in Midvale, Utah. Or you can give us a call at (801) 823-4356. Contact us today!

With snow storms turning the state of Utah into a winter wonderland, snow removal is at the top of every home and business owner’s to-do list. Walking or driving on the snow on your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot can pack it down and make it slippery and dangerous. That’s why adequately removing snow right away is essential.

If you’re new to removing snow and ice, or even if you’re a seasoned snow shoveler who wants to sharpen their skills, here’s everything you need to know about how to remove snow and ice to keep your property from being the scene of a slip-and-fall accident.

Shoveling By Hand

Most homeowners use a snow shovel to get the snow off of their driveways and sidewalks. Those who attempt this standard method of snow removal should follow these guidelines for safety and effectiveness:

Using a Snow Blower

Snowblowers require significantly less physical exertion and can remove snow in about half the time of shoveling by hand. But there are still some precautions you need to take to keep yourself safe and remove the snow effectively.

Call Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping For Your Snow Removal Needs

Contact Aerorscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping today for the best snow removal services. Our snow and ice removal specialists are ready to serve your Utah home or business whenever a winter storm hits. We provide superior property maintenance and landscaping services in Midvale, Utah, and throughout the greater Salt Lake area, including Park City, Lehi, and more. Contact us today to get started!

The time for winter snowstorms is here, and, like it or not, snow removal is an absolute must for Utah businesses. Snow buildup outside of your business can be a safety hazard to your employees and customers, and it might even slow your day-to-day operations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why snow and ice removal is essential for your Utah business.


The last thing you want is for snow buildup to stop customers from accessing your business. It’s important to remove snow from sidewalks, parking lots, stairs, and entryways so that your building can remain open and available to anyone who’s headed your way. 


Winter weather can present a serious safety hazard for employees and customers coming to your building. In 2014, over 40,000 work injuries across the United States involved snow, ice, or sleet. Utah businesses were responsible for 140 accidents, resulting in at least one day of missed work. 

Employees and guests shouldn’t have to be afraid of getting hurt when they come to your building. Effective snow removal can help your business remain a safe and hazard-free place for everyone who enters.

Reduced Liability

Think about those 140 snow-related injuries at Utah businesses. Who was held liable for their injuries? Accidents that occur on your property are your responsibility. So if a customer or employee takes a fall on a slippery sidewalk outside of your business, you could be held liable for their injuries and any damages. It’s essential that you stay on top of snow and ice removal at your business so you can do your part to prevent accidents from happening.

Stay Up to Code

Many cities, including Salt Lake City, have codes and ordinances in place that require businesses to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of their buildings within 24 hours of a snowstorm. This typically includes removing snow from the entire width of the sidewalk and from any ADA ramps that lead to the street. Failing to follow these ordinances can result in a fine or a ticket being issued.

Trust Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping With Your Snow Removal Needs

At Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping, we understand that you’ve got enough on your plate. That’s why we’re here to handle all of your snow removal needs. Our snow and ice removal specialists are ready to serve your Utah business whenever a winter storm hits so you can focus on running your business rather than shoveling snow.

For more information, give us a call at 801.823.4356 or fill out a simple online form at the bottom of our snow and ice removal services page, and an Aeroscape account manager will get in touch with you promptly. We are located in Midvale, Utah, and provide property maintenance and landscaping services to homes and businesses in the Salt Lake Valley. Contact us today to get started!