Snow Removal Services, Salt Lake City, UT

4 Benefits of Snow and Ice Management for Commercial Properties

Posted : November 1, 2018

Any business recognizes that safety and well-being of their customers should come first. So, when it comes to property hazards such as ice and snow, businesses don’t just view this as a legal responsibility to remedy but something that should be done just as a good business practice. However, with all the different responsibilities involved in being a business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and neglect these issues. Fortunately, hiring a property maintenance company, such as us here at Aeroscape, for snow and ice removal is a great option and can offer you some peace of mind that your customers are both safe and able to get to you.

Reduce Liability and Prevent Accidents

In many states, property owners are legally liable for ensuring the safety of any person on their property – including slips and falls and auto accidents due to snow and ice. Property owners can avoid major penalties and costs by hiring a snow removal service to clear their property of snow and ice. In addition, knowing that your parking lot and walkways are safe will give you peace of mind.

Snow Removal Services, Salt Lake City, UT

Quality and Completion

Some businesses opt to assign an employee to clear the ice and snow from walkways. While this can be a viable option for some, often that employee will get sidetracked with a call or another pressing task. By hiring a snow and ice removal company, you free up an employee and guarantee that the job will get done in a timely manner. In addition, property management companies use advanced weather tracking services to predict storms ahead of time so they can respond quickly to clear your property efficiently.

Snow Removal Services, Salt Lake City, UT

Specialized Equipment

At Aeroscape, we have equipment designed to quickly remove snow and ice. “Most businesses do not have easy access to that type of machinery which can lead to slower snow removal,” according to Tim Morgan, General Manager at Aeroscape, “In addition, untrained individuals could end up damaging asphalt or concrete while plowing.”

Aeroscape understands how to properly plow and can maintain the integrity of your parking lots and walkways.

Less Downtime

Regardless of if you run an office building, storefront, manufacturing facility, or other type of business, snow and ice will may affect your ability to operate. If your snow and ice management company doesn’t respond quickly to a snow storm, or worse, not prepared for it before it arrives, it may cause downtime for your business. You do not want to be removing snow from the storm the night before as your doors open the next morning. During snow season, Aeroscape’s crews are on call 24 hours a day and this will assure that your site is snow and ice free before you open for business immediately after a storm.

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