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Landscape Enhancements

Posted : May 1, 2014

Here at Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping, we value the properties we maintain and are always trying to enhance that value.  We do our best to maintain the issues in the most efficient and affordable way for each of our customers. We do everything from troubleshooting sprinklers and drainage issues, to retaining wall installation and exterior landscape lighting design. 

Jefferson Place Condominiums is one of our valued customers. A problem they have been dealing with is improper water run-off. The propety is situated on a hill where they had water run into a neighboring property and became a potential hazard. We were able to create a diversion to handle the run-off so that it could be properly drained. Our enhancement involved creating a berm to divert the water successfully to a drain pond and avoid any future flooding.

At Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscape, we have a full time landscape architect available for any problems or landscaping needs you may have. We are able to design and build on any scale.