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The Start of the Landscape Year at Daybreak

Posted : April 28, 2014

Spring is finally here (well ignore the occasional cold weather we have outside) and it’s a busy time of year out at Daybreak.  With close to 1.6 million square feet of turf, 1.9 million native grasses, 62 thousand square feet in garden areas and over 71 thousand square feet in shrub beds we have plenty to do.  To start the spring season off right, we get out and start cleaning up all the winter damage and debris that has built up.  One of the first task is to get all the bed areas cleaned out.  We get out any accumulated leaves and broken branches by raking them up and hauling them off.  We like to get all the hardscapes blown and cleaned up as well. Debris builds up in gutters and drains out in the streets making a sloppy appearance, so cleaning up these is also an important task as the rain starts to come.

Another spring time project is getting 1.6 million square feet of turf aerated.  Aeration is an important element to a healthy turf, it allows air, water and nutrients to break through built up thatch and to penetrate the grass roots.  The challenge with our spring time weather is getting the timing down.  You want to have the ground moist but not too saturated and muddy that we are causing damage.  With how often our parks are played on and traveled through, aeration helps maintain a lush looking lawn.

The best part about spring at Daybreak are all the gorgeous tulips and daffodils.  We plant over 15,000 bulbs each fall to add to our breath taking tulip beds throughout the community.  Parks have color-specific beds, giving amazing displays to remind us spring has finally arrived.

Come check out the amazing landscape areas and inviting neighborhood that makes up the beautiful Daybreak community.