The Aeroscape team in the midst of providing landscape design services in Salt Lake City

The Differences Between Lawn Care, Landscape Maintenance, and Landscape Design Services

Posted : May 8, 2020

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the differences between lawn care services and landscape maintenance or design services. And adding to that confusion is the large number of companies that only provide lawn care services that call themselves “landscaping” companies. Even the industry is confused about what to call themselves, so it is no wonder that the average person is not clear about the differences between the three. So here are some of the differences between lawn care services and landscape maintenance services.

The Aeroscape team in the midst of providing landscape design services in Salt Lake City

Lawn Care Services Have a Very Limited Scope

Most companies may even divide lawn care services into two different groups. Most of the services you think of when you define lawn care services are actually the basic lawn maintenance services of mowing, trimming, and edging. There are also many companies out there that provide these services but only these services. Lawn care services provide basic lawn maintenance with the addition of services that improve the overall quality of your lawn such as fertilization, aeration, seeding, weed control, as well as installing and maintaining turf.

Landscape Maintenance Services Encompass the Entire Landscape

Landscape maintenance services packages typically include all of the standard lawn care services with the addition of other services such as:

  • Plant Care Services – Pest management, pruning, feeding, and some planting of trees and ornamental shrubs
  • Irrigation Systems – Installation and maintenance
  • Seasonal Floral Services – Planting and maintaining flower bed designs (as well as potted containers, hanging plants, and other planters) that provide attractive colorful blooms that enhance the quality your landscape
  • Hardscape Care – Concrete repair for sidewalks and other walkways, and concrete sweeping

Landscape Design Services Shape the Look and Feel of Your Property

Landscape design services enhance and renovate your property by adding new elements to your overall landscape. These typically involve some form of construction on the site which needs to be carefully planned and coordinated with planners, civil engineers, architects, and more. Some typical landscape design services include:

  • Hardscape Installation – Installing rock gardens, ornamental accent boulders, decorative rock beds, concrete and stepping stone walkways, and much more.
  • Water Feature Installation – Fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other water features.
  • Planting Bed Design & Installation – Creating new planting areas by shaping the earth around them using a carefully constructed landscape plan performing actions such as installing retaining walls, raised planters, permanent planting, and much more
  • Landscape Construction – Installing almost any sort of outdoor feature including patios, outdoor fire features, pergolas (and other small garden structures), landscaping lighting, and much more.

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