Working on an office park commercial landscape design in Salt Lake City

5 of the Best Office Park Landscape Design Improvements to Make Today

Posted : March 8, 2021

With COVID-19 freeing up office space in office parks all around the Salt Lake City area, competition is fierce for new commercial space tenants. Businesses still need office space, so how can you make sure that they choose your space? Looks are everything, and companies do judge you based on the appearance of your landscaping. This is where hiring a great landscape design company can help. Here are a few suggestions for some landscape design improvements that might tip the balance in your favor when attracting tenants.

Working on an office park commercial landscape design in Salt Lake City

1 – Water Features

Water features are great centerpieces to attract tenants. They generate a sense of peace and tranquility and can be set up with recirculating fountains to save water. You can easily integrate them into your existing landscaping or create a dynamic landscape design surrounding the feature.

2 – Large Plant Containers

This is a simple but eyecatching approach to adding style and greenery to your office park. Large plant containers can catch the attention of people just passing by or serve to break up your landscaping by adding different heights to it. Large plant containers can accentuate your outdoor–and indoor areas with a sense of class and style.

3 – Aesthetically Pleasing Walkways

Poured concrete and asphalt walkways are the norm, but why do you have to accept normal for your walkways and entrances? You can select decorative concrete or brick pavers in various colors, sizes, and shapes and arrange them in interesting patterns to make your walkways remarkable.

4 – Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Putting a picnic table and a bench or two on a concrete pad will not attract tenants. What about installing an outdoor meeting area? What a great way to make a statement to your tenants’ employees, customers, and suppliers. Assembling inspiring outdoor spaces that provide your tenants’ workers with more than a place to sit and eat can be the factor that sets you apart from all other commercial spaces in the area.

5 – Seasonal Flower Beds

Studies have shown that plants and flowers improve mood and a person’s overall sense of well-being. And keeping flowers in bloom all through the growing season through flower bed designs is a fantastic way to increase your office park’s curb appeal. Installing seasonal flowerbeds is also an inexpensive way to bring color and beauty to your office park.

Ready to Update Your Office Park’s Landscaping Design?

Then get in touch with us here at Aeroscape. We have been providing award-winning landscape designs for businesses all around the Salt Lake City area for over 15 years. Whether you need someone to maintain your commercial landscaping, plant and maintain seasonal flower beds, or install new landscaping features, Aeroscape is your go-to landscape designer. To find out how we can make your office space more appealing to tenants, give us a call at 801.569.2383 or fill out a simple online form at the bottom of our snow and ice removal services page, and an Aeroscape account manager will get in touch with you.