Example of Aeroscape’s landscape design services for Salt Lake City assisted living facility

7 Landscape Design Features That Are Guaranteed to Attract Retail and Residential Tenants

Posted : June 8, 2020

With the amount of available retail space at an all-time high and competition for tenants at new apartment and condo complexes fiercer than ever, you need to have an edge to attract the businesses and tenants that you want to be there. Here are 7 landscape design features that are guaranteed to draw the eye of these individuals.

1 –Well Maintained Grass, Shrubs, and Trees

If first impressions are critical to making a decision, then nothing can be more important than the care of your grass, shrubs, and trees. Unkempt, weedy, or overgrown landscaping screams to your potential tenants that you don’t care. And if you don’t care about the basics such as a well-manicured lawn, weed-free flowerbeds, and neatly pruned trees, why would you care about the rest of the property and the services it offers? Well managed grass, tree, and shrub care are an absolute must.

Example of Aeroscape’s landscape design services for Salt Lake City assisted living facility

2 – Landscape Lighting

Installing warm, ambient lighting that highlights landscaping features such as an interesting tree or shrub, or along the bottom of raised flowerbeds is an inexpensive way to add appeal to your property. Not to mention that it provides an additional feeling of safety and security.

3 – Outdoor Patios and Common Areas

It doesn’t matter if this is for a retail space or for an apartment complex, a well-designed outdoor patio or common area will provide areas to entertain guests, whether they are visitors to your building or employees at a store. Appealing outdoor common areas will make a lasting favorable impression.

4 – Seasonal Flower Beds

Colorful flower bed designs, especially ones that bloom in different colors throughout the year creates a sense of vibrancy that can’t be ignored by customers or residents. Maintaining and swapping out old flowers with new ones says to your tenants that you care and want to impress them.

5 – Water Features

Nothing attracts the eye and soothes the soul of potential tenants and customers quite like a well-designed water feature. The visual appeal and pleasing sounds of bubbling water draws people into your property and gives them the sense of tranquility that they long for.

6 – Rock Gardens/Hardscapes

In the dry Utah climate, keeping plants thriving is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of water. But another feature that adds a lot of interest (with very little maintenance) is installing an appealing hardscape. Hardscapes and rock gardens can be installed alone or in conjunction with plants that do not require a lot of moisture to bring a distinctive look and feel to your property.

7 – Unusual Walkway Designs

Ordinary, plain, concrete or asphalt walkways are boring. Why not jazz it up with some colorful landscaping pavers or brick installed following an interesting pattern, or blend a walkway in with the landscaping itself by creating a “stepping stone” sidewalk?

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