Example of licensed and insured landscape services in Salt Lake City

Why Insurance and Licensing are Critical When Hiring Residential & Commercial Landscape Services

Posted : September 1, 2020

Hiring a residential or commercial landscaping company in the Salt Lake City area can be intimidating when you consider everything that is involved in the process. But it is important that you look for the landscapers that are properly insured and licensed.

General Liability Insurance

Because landscaping maintenance and design tasks often involve the use of tools and equipment that can easily cause injury (or even death) to employees or a third-party, or damage a customer’s or bystander’s property, general liability insurance is an absolute necessity. If you select a landscaping contractor that does not have this insurance, you have no recourse if an accident happens or damage occurs to your property. Make sure that the landscaping company that you hire has this insurance at an absolute minimum.

Example of licensed and insured landscape services in Salt Lake City

The Utah S330 Landscaping Contractor License

Another thing you should absolutely look for is that they have their Utah S330 Landscaping Contractor license. This license requires that you meet the minimum requirements established by the Utah Department of Commerce Division Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL).

DOPL has been established to make sure that landscape architects and contractors can follow the rules and regulations established by the State of Utah to protect the citizens and their property for residents of Utah. Some of the requirements necessary for getting this license include that you:

  • Are a registered business entity in the State of Utah
  • Have completed a 25-hour Pre-License Course
  • Are over 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license or ID, and provide a social security number
  • Have proof of general liability insurance that holds a minimum of at least $300,000 in total coverage

The S330 license is critical in order to make sure that the work your landscaping contractor performs at your home or business follows all regulations and legal requirements, has insurance to protect you against accidental damage to property or injuries that take place at the worksites, and understand how to use the tools and techniques associated with landscaping work to safely deliver the expected results for your landscaping projects.

These landscaping projects include:

  • Grading and preparing land
  • Planting or transplanting trees and shrubs
  • Installing, upgrading, or repairing architectural, horticultural, or decorative treatments for your landscaping
  • Installing and maintaining lighting for greenhouses, fences, walkways, and gardens
  • Installing, updating, and repairing sprinkler systems
  • Installing retaining walls (for landscaping purposes only)

Aeroscape is Your Licensed and Insured Residential & Commercial Landscape Company for the SLC Area

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