Stormwater management for landscape design Salt Lake City

What is the Impact of Stormwater Management on Landscape Design Projects?

Posted : June 1, 2020

Stormwater management is a problem that must be accounted for when performing a landscaping design project of almost any size. In Utah, this typically involves the need to obtain permits to assure that the changes made to the landscape does not create increased stormwater runoff or a higher flow velocity in certain areas, or negatively impact the water quality as a result of the project.

Stormwater management for landscape design Salt Lake City

The Dangers of Excess Stormwater

Because the construction of new buildings, roads, parking lots, and many other types of projects that compact the soil, the ground is less able to absorb the rain that falls during a storm. This is why we developed ditches, storm drains, and storm sewer systems to help manage the excess water that occurs during a storm.

But excess stormwater–especially in urban areas–collects a great deal of pollutants such as sediment; dust and particles from smoke, gas, oil, tire wear; chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and metals; and dangerous bacteria. This is then rapidly discharged into surface waters such as streams, rivers, and lakes which may severely contaminate those resources. Failing to manage excess stormwater can also contribute to flooding, sewer backups, excessive erosion, and even the creation of sinkholes in some areas.

What is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is designed to control both the flow and contamination of the running water created by storms. This is done through several measures such as:

  • Constructing stormwater systems that help remove contaminants before they can pollute surface or groundwater.
  • Securing contaminants that might be released into the environment as a result of a storm before a storm occurs.
  • Building retention ponds, swales, constructed wetlands, and other types of green infrastructure to limit or remove the contaminants before they get into the environment
  • Using natural mulches, erosion control blankets, and filter strips around landscaping and construction areas to control erosion.
  • Adding features such as inlet protectors on storm drains, slowing the outward flow of stormwater discharge through the use of rock outlets, slope drains, and the strategic planning of trees and grass to help deter erosion.

Incorporating Stormwater Management into Landscape Design

Salt Lake City, and the areas surrounding it, typically require permits in order to complete any large landscape design project. These permits help protect the environment, fund the cost of stormwater infrastructure improvements, and enforce the established stormwater regulations. So, the landscape design company you hire must understand the impact that stormwater may have on your property and the surrounding environment, and know how to identify and mitigate stormwater issues that result from the new construction.

Let Aeroscape Handle Your Landscape Design While Protecting the Environment

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