The Importance of Pruning Your Plant

The Importance of Pruning Your Plants

Posted : September 15, 2021

Your yard and landscaping is the first impression that people have of your home, and pruning your plants can make a difference for your curb appeal.

Whether you’re getting ready to put your home on the market or you’re just wanting to put some effort into making the exterior of your home as beautiful as possible, pruning your plants is one of the most effective ways to get that clean, manicured look.

So what exactly is pruning, and what’s the best way to get the job done? Let’s take a deeper look at pruning and the difference it can make for your landscaping.

What Is Pruning?

Simply put, pruning means cutting or trimming away old, dead branches on your trees or shrubs. It can also mean cutting away parts that are starting to become overgrown. The overall goal of pruning is to help your plants to properly grow and thrive, as well as to maintain a clean look.

How Often Should I Prune My Plants?

Truthfully, there isn’t a general timeline for all of your plants. The rate that you should be pruning your rose bushes will differ from how often you prune your tomato plants, and that will be different from how often you prune your lemon tree. 

Consider what plants you have and do some research to see how often you should be pruning them. Make a schedule so that you can easily keep track of everything.

How Should I Prune My Plants?

Just as the timeline will change depending on the plant, the way you prune your plants will vary, as well. However, there are some basic guidelines that you can keep in mind when approaching a pruning project.

One, you’ll want to make sure you have some high-quality pruning shears. This will not only help you to prune more effectively, but it will also make the job infinitely easier than if you were using the wrong tools.

Next, be sure to cut back to a bud that faces out. Additionally, you’ll want to leave about a half an inch between the bud and where you make your cut. You’ll also want to cut at a slant. All of this will encourage fresh and healthy growth. 

What Happens If I Don’t Prune My Plants?

If you neglect to properly and consistently prune your plants, you’ll quickly find that your plants will become very overgrown. Even more serious than that, depending on the location of your plant or tree, the branches can interfere with power lines, which can make for an incredibly expensive and drawn-out pruning job when the time comes.

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