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The Importance of Deep Root Watering for Trees

Posted : March 11, 2019

During the hotter and drier days of the year, our plants need extra maintenance and water, including our trees. There are several methods to water trees, however, deep root watering is considered to be one of the most effective methods.

Flower bed design service West Valley City, UT
So, what makes deep root watering different than just standard watering? Deep root watering directly delivers water to your tree’s roots – the place they need it most. This method brings the water 8-12 inches into the ground rather than just wetting the surface which helps to keep your trees healthy and hydrated. Effective deep root watering will also take drainage into consideration as well. Just as too little water can kill a tree, so can too much water. Effective drainage prevents your tree from drowning and is crucial for proper deep root watering.
Deep root watering also works to conserve water in addition to keeping your trees healthier. When watering the ground’s surface, large portions of the water evaporate rather than reach the tree’s roots. This requires more water to adequately water the tree. In addition, surface watering like this creates a shallower root system which harms trees especially during dry spells and droughts. Deep root watering not only uses less water, but it also promotes deep root systems which encourages healthy tree growth and keeps your trees strongly anchored to endure storms and other harsh weather. In addition, deep root watering is especially helpful in regions with water restrictions. An added bonus is the money you’ll save from using less water too. These are all good things to keep in mind when providing care for your trees in the dry Utah climate.

Considerations for Deep Root Watering

There are a few considerations for providing the essential water and oxygen for your trees while deep root watering. The method you choose is a balance between several factors such as age of the tree, tree species, weather, season, and soil type.
As a general rule, younger trees require more frequent watering than older trees. Newly planted trees need regular watering to establish a strong and deep root system. Older, established trees need to be watered during warmer months and drier seasons, however the frequency will vary based on the tree species. Some tree species are native to the area and do not need watering, and others are drought-resistant requiring little to no water at all.
Water penetration depends on the soil type and this will determine how frequently you need to water your tree. Sandy soil will absorb water quicker than clayey soil, while loamy soils fall somewhere in between. While clayey soil absorbs slower than sandy soil, clayey soils drain substantially slower which could contribute to swampy conditions while watering. Knowing your soil type is crucial for choosing the appropriate method of deep root watering and will determine your watering times.

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