Bergenia for flower bed design service

The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscape Design – Part 2

Posted : January 30, 2018

Last month, in The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscape Design – Part 1, we talked about evergreen holly, wintergreen and snowdrops as excellent plants for your winter landscape design. This month, we add three more plants to the mix.


If you are looking for an excellent ground cover plant that stays colorful throughout the year, a good choice is the bergenia. Bergenia is an evergreen plant that stays bright green most of the year, but turns red throughout the winter months before returning to green in the spring. Bergenia also produce colorful flowers in the spring. The colors range from almost white to varying shades of pink and purple, depending on which variety of bergenia you plant.

Bergenia for flower bed design service

Rocky Mountain Juniper

If you are looking for a good native plant to prevent erosion or serve as a windbreak on your property, look no further than the Rocky Mountain Juniper. The Rocky Mountain juniper is a hearty plant stays green throughout the year, including winter, and grows berries that attract native birds such as the Cedar Waxwing. They can grow up to 60’ tall, and are fairly easy to grow.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maples surprisingly grow well in the Utah climate. As long as they are not exposed to the sun’s direct rays during the heat of the day, and have some protection from hot summer winds, and are well watered.

Planting them in the shade of a group of other trees or on the northern or eastern side of a building works best to help them thrive. With many varieties to choose from, Japanese maples are a colorful addition to your landscape design.

Come back next month for the final part of our blog series on the best winter plants for your landscape design.

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