Evergreen holly for front of house landscaping services in Salt Lake City

The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscape Design – Part 1

Posted : December 30, 2017

Over the winter months, our blog is going to feature some of the best plants that are especially adapted to the winter months here in Utah:

Evergreen Holly

This is the plant that everyone thinks of when you think about winter and the holiday season. With shiny green leaves and red berries, it is a great plant for adding some color to your garden or as part of a hedge. It is easy to grow almost anywhere, is very tolerant of drought and likes acidic soil.

Evergreen holly for front of house landscaping services in Salt Lake City


These plants also take on the color of the season. The leaves start out green and slowly turn red as the winter progresses. But wintergreen isn’t just a winter plant. It flowers during the summer months and produces red berries that can be eaten. Wintergreen leaves can also be used in a tea for pain relief.


Snowdrops are the first indicators of spring, often popping up through snow before the crocuses do. This hearty plant can survive the extensive late winter/early spring snowfalls only to peek through the melting snow when the weather gets better.

Snowdrops have white, small bell-like flowers that hang from short stems. They rarely grow higher than 6 inches, and can be grown almost anywhere such as under trees and shrubs. The prefer cold climates and don’t do well in hot weather at all.

Need Advice on What Plants to Add to Your Winter Landscape Design?

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