Snow removal services

Snow in April? Why!

Posted : April 29, 2014

Property owners and managers typically wait until September at the earliest and November at the latest to make decisions about their snow removal provider.  This is the time to start finding providers, issue RFP’s and collecting bids.  This process is both time consuming and costly.  When you are up against the deadline of the first snowstorm it can also be frustrating.

Most snow professionals close out the winter season with a post season walk thru with the manager or owner. This is the perfect time to begin the process while it is fresh in everyone’s mind.  Your current contractor is still on site and other contractors are in the area to solicit proposals from.

Or better yet, pick an off time of year, say February 1 or June 1 and contract both your landscaping maintenance and snow removal. Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping provides these bids and services year round to help you complete your bidding in a timely and effective manner. By doing this you avoid the pressure and time constraint of being up against the season.