How Water Features For Your Home Can Improve Your Mental Health?

How Water Features For Your Home Can Improve Your Mental Health

Posted : June 9, 2021

Water features for your home are not only beautiful, but they can improve your mental health as well. 

Keep reading to find out how implementing a water feature in your space could benefit you. 

Understanding the Research

A wealth of research has been conducted on the effects water features have on mental health.  One recent study has found that for city dwellers who had limited access to natural sounds and spaces, their mental health improved substantially when they had access to water features. In response to this study, doctors around the world are now making “green prescriptions,” in which they prescribe patients time in natural spaces with flowing water in lieu of medication. 

Stress can be a big contributing factor to poor mental health. You may have heard that the sound of running water can help to relieve stress, but is this actually true? A study conducted by the University of Sussex suggests that it actually is. The study found that when humans listen to natural sounds like running water it’s actually relaxing and stress relieving. This is because the sound of moving water can calm your fight-or-flight response, and help your autonomic nervous system to rest. 

Water Features for Your Home

Now that we’ve discussed the research behind the mental health benefits of water features, you may be interested in implementing one in your own yard. There are a number of beautiful ways and practical ways you can do this, including:

  • Ponds – Ponds can take a bit more time and money to maintain than other water features, though they are definitely worth it. Ponds can help to keep your yard cool in the summer months, and they can also make the perfect home for outdoor aquatic pets. . 
  • Creeks and Waterfalls – Creeks and waterfalls keep water constantly flowing through your yard, and because of this they actually help to keep your yard cool. These water features provide the perfect space to cool your feet and relax for a spell.
  • Birdbaths – Birdbaths aren’t just for our feathered friends anymore. They make a beautiful addition to any home, and provide a soothing moving water sound. If your goal is to attract wildlife, this is the water feature for you. 
  • Fountains – The great thing about fountains is that they are highly customizable, and come in a wide variety of types, shapes, sizes, and colors. Keep things classy with a standard circular stone fountain, or you can add a modern touch with metallic finishes and accent lights. 

Let Aeroscape Property Maintenance Help

If you’d like to learn more about how water features for your home can improve your mental health, contact the experts at Aeroscape Property Maintenance today. With our years of experience, we install beautiful, unique water features that will be sure to provide you with serenity and added peace of mind for years to come. Call us to get your free estimate, we proudly serve Salt Lake, Summit, Davis, and Tooele counties in the beautiful state of Utah.