How to Winterize Your Lawn in 2021

Posted : November 24, 2021

We’ve heard of spring cleaning. However, before spring comes, we need to consider what to do in winter, which means you should winterize your lawn.

If you want that beautiful, luscious green lawn of your dreams once spring comes along, doing your part during the colder months of winter is going to make all the difference. It’s not hard to set yourself up for success if you winterize your lawn.

Check out some of our tips on how to winterize your lawn in 2021!

Mow Lower Than Usual

You want your grass to preserve as much energy as possible during the winter. It’s not going to get nearly as many nutrients as it does during the spring and summer, so setting your lawnmower to a shorter setting is going to make a big difference come spring.

So when you’re getting ready for that final mow of the year, be sure to adjust the height setting and prepare yourself for success over the course of winter.

Consider Aerating Your Lawn

Typically done during the fall, aerating your lawn is a surefire way to set your grass up for success once spring comes along. You’ll find that your lawn will grow thick and healthy. Not only will it look fantastic, but an aerating lawn in the fall means a lawn free of weeds in the spring. Thick, healthy grass leaves no room for those pesky weeds to poke their way through, another major plus.

Often, overseeding your lawn goes hand in hand with aeration. Overseeding makes it easier for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs to thrive, and when these two are done together, it will do amazing things for your lawn come spring.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

After you mow your lawn for the last time during the year (at that lower setting like we mentioned earlier!), you will want to be sure to fertilize. The nutrients will be stored in the roots of your grass so that when spring comes along, it’ll be ready to thrive and become green and beautiful again. In fact, fertilizing your grass in the fall may even make it so that your grass can grow sooner, another added plus.

However, you’ll want to be mindful to not over-fertilize your lawn. This will cause something called fertilizer burn. This is where the nitrogen and salt levels in your grass go way too high, damaging your grass and bringing on a yellow tint. It’s the exact opposite effect of what you’re looking for when fertilizing, so be mindful to not go over the top with this project!

Winterize Your Lawn with Aeroscape Property Maintenance and Landscaping

We get it: you want to winterize your lawn, but you want to get it right, and sometimes that means calling in the professionals. Aeroscope Property Maintenance and Landscaping will ensure the job gets done right so that, once springtime rolls around, you have a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. If you’re located in the Salt Lake Valley or Utah Valley in Utah, contact us to get more details on how we can help you with winterizing your lawn!