How Often Does My Sprinkler System Need Maintenance?

How Often Does My Sprinkler System Need Maintenance?

Posted : January 19, 2022

Living in Utah can provide a variety of seasons, some of which require a sprinkler system to keep your grass looking pristine and green. So how do you know if your sprinkler system needs maintenance? We are dishing it all out here, so stay tuned.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If You Live In A Cold Climate

When temperatures drop to a certain degree, pipes can freeze. If the temperature stays there for an extended period, you can ultimately have a damaged system. If you live in a state with below-freezing temperatures, you will need to winterize your sprinkler system each year.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If Your Grass Has Dead Patches

Your lawn could be losing its luster in many ways. You could have animals whose urine turns your grass brown, certain lawn mites that infest the grass, or it could be a watering issue. If you start to notice a few brown patches sprouting up all over your lawn, it might be time to check your sprinkling system. You may need to take a few days to watch your sprinkler patterns to see how and where your water will get a good idea of how to fix your coverage.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If Your Lawn Is Flooded

If you notice your lawn has overflowing water or is unusually muddy, you might have a sprinkler issue. Too much water can also kill your lawn and cause brown patches. Adjusting your sprinkler system time allotment and coverage can help prevent both of these issues.

Your Sprinkler System Might Need Maintenance If You Find A Leak

The problem with leaks in your sprinkler system is that all the pipes are underground. If you spring a leak, it can cause severe damage to your lawn and potentially your house without your knowledge. A few ways you can detect a leak are as follows:

  • Analyze your sprinkler heads and monitor the water pressure from each sprinkler. If one seems like it is emitting less water, you could be dealing with a leak.
  • Checking your sprinklers for any broken parts or sprinklers that are non-functional can give you the right idea if you have a leak or not.

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