Fall Landscaping and Property Maintenance Checklist

Posted : October 27, 2017

Fall is obviously here, signaling that winter is coming. Here are a few landscaping and property maintenance services you need to complete before winter takes hold:

  • Fertilize your trees – This strengthens tree branches and makes them less prone to breaking off during an ice storm.
  • Prune your trees – The proper pruning of trees can also help prevent damage to the tree as a whole. Removing branches that hang over power lines, driveways and buildings also
    helps protect your landscaping.
  • Water your plants before the ground freezes – Plants cannot absorb moisture from frozen soil, so it is critical that you water them all well before the ground freezes and again on warm days whenever possible. This increases the odds that they will survive the winter.
  • Add mulch around plants – Adding mulch gives the plant an additional barrier from the cold.
  • Set up windbreaks – Fall is the perfect time to set up windbreaks to protect your plants from frigid winter winds.
  • Protect plants from animals – Installing fencing is the best method to deter the most common predator of vulnerable plants, deer.

Need Help with Your Landscaping and Property Maintenance Tasks on this Checklist?

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