Weed control for lawn care services Salt Lake City

Controlling Noxious Weeds

Posted : June 10, 2019

Let’s face it: no one enjoys the task of weeding. However, noxious weeds make weed removal even harder. Unlike a typical weed, you can’t just pull a noxious weed in most cases. (See our previous article about the hazards of noxious weeds with a list of those common here in Salt Lake County.) Noxious weeds can prove to be quite hazardous to your health and special precautions must be taken when working with them. There are several specific strategies to utilize when removing noxious weeds from your landscape as each weed is different.

Weed control for lawn care services Salt Lake City

Control Methods for Noxious Weeds

There are several different tactics to controlling noxious weeds. It is important to choose a method that is the least hazardous to your own health, the surrounding plants, and the environment, while being the most cost-effective and the most likely to reduce the need for weed control for the long run.

The first way to control noxious weeds is through prevention. This can be done through maintaining healthy landscapes and natural lands, using weed-free seed and mulch, and regularly cleaning your mowing and tilling equipment.

Cultural methods are another way to handle noxious weeds. This is through establishing desirable landscape plants, mulching, and checking and cleaning shoes, pets, vehicles, and equipment from weed seeds.

Mechanical methods are referring to eradicating weeds manually by pulling or hoeing, or through the use of mowers and tillers.

Biological weed control involves using natural enemies to control specific weed species. While effective, biological weed control can take years to achieve.

Chemical controls refer to organic or non-organic chemical programs for weed control. When choosing a chemical program, consider the type of weed, the impact of the chemical on desirable plants or insects, the number of applications needed per year, the timing of those applications, and the number of years for treatment.

Take Precautions

Most noxious plants have developed natural defenses to limit the possibility of grazing animals from eating them. These defenses also work to deter humans from eradicating them leading to them becoming more established plants. The defenses often include spines, thorns, or irritating sap – therefore, it is vital to take precautionary measures when weeding or applying chemicals. Wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt when working with weeds.

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