Xeriscaping for backyard landscaping services Utah

Benefits of Xeriscaping for Backyard Landscaping Services in Utah

Posted : May 8, 2019

Last month, the Aeroscape blog discussed the concept of xeriscaping. This month, we are continuing to discuss xeriscaping for backyard landscaping and the numerous benefits it can offer you.

Water Conservation

If for nothing else, xeriscaping is great for conserving water. Because xeriscaping focuses on the use of native plants, less water is needed to maintain these plants and most can survive on just rainfall and minimal irrigation from time to time. Water is a precious resource and can be scarce in some seasons so xeriscaping is a great way to save water without sacrificing beauty.
Xeriscaping for backyard landscaping services Utah

Saves Money

By saving water, you save money as well. Beyond saving on your water utility bill, most xeriscape products are less expensive than standard landscaping products. If you opt for rocks, they cost a lot less than sod or turf. Rocks also don’t require fertilizer, seed, mowing or labor which also helps to reduce cost that you’d typically spend on maintaining a lawn.

Saves Energy

A strategically placed tree or two can make all the difference in your xeriscaped landscape. Native trees can provide additional shade which can help reduce your home or business’s energy consumption – great for your bank account and the environment. Some studies suggest a carefully placed tree or shrub can help cut energy consumption by nearly 46 percent.

Low Maintenance

One of the best parts about xeriscaping is the minimal maintenance involved. In hotter regions, more maintenance is necessary to keep a nice lawn between mowing and irrigation. If you replace grass with rocks, you no longer need to mow which can save you a lot of time and effort down the line. In addition, xeriscaping uses native plants which generally require minimal weeding and watering too.

Natural Beauty

While green lawns are pretty, they are out of place in arid regions. Xeriscaping is a simple way to have a beautiful landscape while using native plants and rocks. A cactus, desert flower or other native plant is an excellent choice for your property and can look just as sharp as a green lawn – no pun intended.

Decreases Noise and Air Pollution

Gas-powered blowers, mowers, and weed trimmers are essential for properties with a lawn to maintain. These contribute to create additional noise and air pollution. By choosing to xeriscape, you forego a lawn and these pollutants as well.

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