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66One thing that you can count on during the winter months in West Valley City is snow storms as well as the headaches they create for you. Snow covered parking lots, driveways and sidewalks are hazards for both your employees and your customers.

Don’t shovel or plow the snow yourself, hire us to do it for you! Aeroscape provides residential and commercial snow removal services in West Valley City, as well as sidewalk and de-icing services.

Comprehensive Snow and Ice Management Services

When winter arrives, we monitor the weather 24/7 and leap into action when a snow storm hits. At Aeroscape, we attack the snow and ice with all of our snow removal equipment and manpower take care of it and make sure your site can open for business. We keep your employees and customers safe through our comprehensive snow and ice management services including, snow removal, snow stacking and hauling, sidewalk shoveling and de-icing, and rooftop snow removal.

Aeroscape Uses the Latest Commercial Snow Removal Technology

We have a dedicated fleet of heavy equipment for snow removal, including loaders, backhoes, and skid steers equipped with containment plows that quadruple their efficiency. We use GPS tracking to help our snow removal operations center manage our vehicles in real-time, keeping our crews accountable, and (most importantly) saving you time and money.

Snow and Ice Management Pricing Options

Aeroscape offers several pricing options for snow removal services:

  • Per Push Price – A fixed service rate based on the services provided.
  • Event Pricing – This is a fixed rate based on the specific size and duration of a winter event.
  • Seasonal Pricing (The best value!) –This plan is a fixed rate that takes care of all of your snow and ice management needs, regardless of the number of and volume of winter storms encountered over the season.

24-Hour Snow Removal Services Command Center

Every winter, we have a dedicated staff on call for our 24-hour Snow Removal Services Command Center. Here, the staff on duty monitors the weather, road conditions and our fleet to coordinate our snow removal teams to take care of the ice and snow at your location quickly and efficiently. When problems arise, our dedicated operations managers solve them and keep our operations running smoothly. With Aeroscape standing behind you, you can rest assured that the snow and ice at your home or business will be taken care of, regardless of the size, duration or accumulation created by a winter event.

Sidewalk Clearing Services

Snow removal services is not just plowing roads, driveways and parking lots. Your sidewalks need attention as well. We have dedicated sidewalk snow removal crews equipped with state-of-the-art sidewalk clearing equipment, including 4-wheelers, snow blowers, power brooms and more. This guarantees that Aeroscape’s sidewalk snow removal crews can handle the ice and snow a Utah winter storm delivers and keep your sidewalks clear and safe, even after the worst snowfall.

De-Icing Services

Heavy snowfalls and frigid temperatures can wreak havoc at your home or business, even after plowing. At Aeroscape, we provide de-icing services as part of our commitment to safe and ice-free walkways and parking lots at your home or business. We “pre-wet” our salt so it works faster and better.

So, if you are looking for a company that offers comprehensive snow and ice management in West Valley City or anywhere else in Utah County, look no further than Aeroscape! Give us a call at 801-569-2383 or click on our green Contact an Expert arrow for more information about our snow and ice management plans before the first big winter storm of the season.