Landscape restoration in Salt Lake City

5 Ways to Refresh Tired Landscaping with Landscape Restoration

Posted : May 26, 2021

Being trapped in your home during quarantine for COVID-19 probably has made you sick of looking at your home and landscaping. And if moving isn’t an option for you, maybe look at refreshing your landscaping with some of these landscape restoration features.

1 – Stepping Stone Walkway

Is there a high traffic area in your yard that does not have a paver or brick walkway installed, or worse yet, nothing installed at all? Here’s a simple but unique idea, install a stepping stone walkway. Work with a landscaping company to select the right flat, rectangular stones that you can install in one afternoon.

Landscape restoration in Salt Lake City

2– Use Potted Plants and Raised Flower Beds

Don’t get stuck thinking in only two dimensions when refreshing your landscaping. Adding rows of different types of plants—smaller ones in front, larger ones in back, or adding some raised flower beds to change up the look and feel of your flowerbed design might be just what you need to fall in love with your landscaping again.

You also might consider adding some large decorative potted planters to your designs to create a unique look and feel. Potted plants are much easier to take care of than “regular” landscaping plants. But be aware that they need watering more often than the rest of your landscaping.

3 – Add a Water Feature

Water features add a touch of class as well as peace and tranquility for your landscaping. Using a fountain or waterfall as the centerpiece of a new landscape design might be the way to go. Not only are they enjoyable but also very low maintenance as well.

4 – Add Light

One excellent way to enhance other landscaping features on your property is by adding sets of solar-powered lights to showcase your water feature, flowerbeds, or stepping stone walkway. It is inexpensive and simple to install.

5 – Use Gravel Instead of Grass

Let’s face it. The Utah climate can make grass challenging to care for. So instead of fighting a losing battle with the sun and driving up your water bill, why not replace that ugly patchy grass with some gravel? Maybe add a few potted plants or drought-resistant flowers near the gravel, and you have refreshed your landscaping without a lot of work or cost.

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