5 Tips for Summer Pest Prevention Before It’s Too Late

5 Tips for Summer Pest Prevention Before It’s Too Late

Posted : August 11, 2021

There’s no denying it – pest prevention is something that everyone should be thinking about, especially during the summer. 

No one wants any unwanted visitors creeping into the house or gathering in the yard, and proper pest prevention is a surefire way to keep things in the best shape possible.

So what are some of the top tips for maintaining your yard and preventing a pest infestation? Take a look at our top five things to keep in mind during the summertime!

1. Proper Yard Maintenance

Perhaps the simplest and most important tip is properly maintaining your yard. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy makes it more difficult for pests to gather and settle. Be sure to clear your yard of any trash and keep your grass cut. However, take care not to cut it too short! Especially during the summertime, it’s important to give your grass enough length to properly soak up the water to continue growing.

2. Seal Your Doors and Windows

Another easy step to take to keep those pests out of your house is to properly seal your doors and windows. That’s right – bugs can easily squirm in between those small openings between the wall and the door or window, so adding some sealing is a simple way to keep them away.

3. Maintain All Exterior Decor

Something else you’ll want to consider is to maintain all of your exterior decor. Things like empty pots, cans, even tables and chairs can be easy gathering places for unwanted pests and bugs. Make it a priority to gather your exterior decor and hose it off or wipe it down.

4. Eliminate Standing Water

Bugs love standing water, so eliminating any opportunities for them to gather that way is going to be well worth your time. Focus on areas such as potted plants, or perhaps a watering can with some water still sitting in it. Take some time each day to double check areas that tend to have standing water and stay on top of things.

5. Use a Pest Control Service

At the end of the day, sometimes there’s only so much that you can do. Hiring a professional pest control service gives you a good opportunity to leave things to the professionals. With their high quality tools and effective cleaning materials, a pest control service is an easy way to ensure that any pest control issues are properly taken care of and out of your hair.

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