Rock garden design in Salt Lake City

5 Qualities of Excellent Rock Garden Designs

Posted : June 7, 2018

Rock gardens are more popular than ever and are a great addition to your landscape design plan. Here are five qualities of excellent rock garden designs to consider.

Rocks and Boulders

The most important element of your rock garden is the rocks and boulders which anchor it (of course). You can either take advantage of the rocks and boulders that are currently present at the site or pull them from other areas on your property. If you don’t have rock that will work for your garden, you can always purchase it from a local landscape supply company or rock quarry.

Rock garden design in Salt Lake City

Drought-Tolerant Plants

The dry Utah climate is perfect for drought tolerant plants, and drought tolerant plants are perfect for rock gardens. Getting these plants to add color and character to the rock is an added bonus. Since rocks really don’t require any care once the rock garden has been established, low maintenance, hardy plants are the perfect complement for the rock garden. Consider using plants such as Primrose, Spanish Bloom, Woods Rose, Lavender, Yucca, or possibly succulents or cacti.

Hillside or Slope Location

Slopes/Hillsides are perfect locations for rock gardens. Seeding these hillsides with grass or other plants can make them difficult, or even dangerous to care for, but transforming them into a rock garden can make an often-overlooked area of your landscaping a show-stopper with a little bit of effort.

Water Features

Water features such as waterfalls, fountains or even a small pool can be fantastic center-pieces for your rock garden design. Water always adds a feeling of tranquility and can make it a must-visit destination on your property.

Ambient Lighting

Want to make your rock garden even more breathtaking? Add some ambient lighting using solar powered landscape lights. This can add some dramatic effect and catch the attention of your friends and neighbors at all hours of the day. This can be a conversation starter or add a level of beauty and sophistication to the outdoor landscaping of your business.

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