Landscape design near Salt Lake City, Utah

5 Landscape Projects that Increase Your Property Value

Posted : May 1, 2020

When you think about home improvement, most people think of updating the kitchen cabinets or replacing old carpeting with laminate or hardwood flooring, but did you know that landscaping design projects are some of the improvements that provide the most return on your investment? Consider these five landscaping projects:

Landscape design near Salt Lake City, Utah

1 – Add an Automatic Irrigation System

In the dry Utah climate, one of the best ways to add value to your property is to protect your landscaping from drought, and one way to do this is to install an automatic irrigation system that uses weather sensors to help determine your landscaping water needs. An automatic irrigation system also adds value by using the perfect amount of water for your landscaping and not a drop more. This results in tremendous savings on your water bill.

2 – Plant Some Trees

Not only do trees make your landscaping and property look better, but according to Management Information Services/ICMA, landscaping with trees can increase your property value as much as 20%. Strategically planted trees also can reduce your energy bills anywhere from 3 to 12% as the tree matures, and also result in reduced air conditioning and heating needs which may reduce your energy costs even further. Taking care of your existing trees with a comprehensive tree and shrub care plan can also provide a return on your investment.

3 – Add Seasonal Flower Beds

Flowers, especially annuals designed for landscaping, bloom only during specific months of the year. Some flowers such as Creeping Buttercup and Candytuft bloom early in the spring. Flowers such as Daylilies, Coneflowers, and the various types and colors of Yarrow, flower in the early summer, while others such as Aster, Monkshood-Acontium, and Fall Crocus thrive in the late summer to early fall. By coming up with a solid flower bed design plan that incorporates flowers that bloom during all parts of the growing season, you assure that your landscaping will remain colorful and attractive without a lot of maintenance.

4 – Build an Outdoor Fire Feature

Outdoor fire features such as outdoor firepits or even an outdoor kitchen add property value because it adds recreational space to your property that improves livability. According to the National Association of Realtors, these types of projects can recover almost 70% of the value invested in constructing them.

5 – Create Privacy with Hedges or Other Plants

All fencing isn’t created equal, and some fences can be downright ugly, but a living hedge can provide the same sense of privacy without taking away from nature. Boxwood and Yew Shrubs are some of the more popular choices, but there are trees such as the Columnar Norway Spruce and Swedish Aspen which can be planted close together with the foliage working well to screen your property from prying eyes.

These are just a few of the landscaping design projects that, according to the National Association of Realtors, add value and curb appeal to your property.

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