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5 Elements to Consider for Your Water Feature Design

Posted : August 25, 2021

If you are looking to take your lawn to the next level, water feature design can turn any yard from a typical lawn into a seemingly tropical oasis.

But what sort of elements should an excellent water feature design contain? Keep reading to find out some of our favorites. 


These are often the focal point of a well-designed water feature. The sound of the water flowing over the rocks and the sight of it soothes away stress. It can be a small waterfall or a large one, depending on the space you have available. There are hundreds of possibilities for waterfalls when designing your water feature. So, do some research to see what kinds of waterfall features that you’d like to see. Once you know what you are looking for, you can hire someone to construct the water feature you have envisioned.


Including a small pond in your water feature, whether it is catching the water from your waterfall above or an independent feature for your patio, deck, or garden, is a relaxing, fun way to enjoy your free time. You can even add koi fish or frogs to the mix if you’d like to enjoy watching them.


Of course, a water feature is enjoyable during the day, but consider adding some solar-powered lighting to add some accent to your water feature at night. Combining a waterfall with some carefully placed lights to backlight it creates a breathtaking effect that your evening guests will never forget. Additionally, adding colorful lights to a fountain or pond can turn your water feature into a beautifully bright display 

Plant Containers

The perfect area to place plant containers is near water. Not only do you have an easy way to water them, but you can take advantage of this to grow rare or unusual plants, even getting water plants to add to your water feature area. There are hundreds of styles and options to choose from. Check out sites such as Pinterest to get some ideas of what you think might work for your design.

Retaining Walls

Creating retaining walls from a natural rock is a great way to add style and texture to your yard, while also creating places to sit, construct additional planters or just showcase the area surrounding your water feature. If both a water feature and retaining wall are a part of your ideal water feature design, you are going to want to hire professionals who specialize in both. That’s where Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping comes in. With us there is no need to go through the stress of hiring two separate companies, because we can do it all. 

Let Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping Help

When it comes to water feature design if you can dream it, Aeroscape Property Maintenance & Landscaping can do it. water Contact us today to speak with one of our expert feature landscaping designers, and get started on creating the yard of your dreams. We serve the residents of beautiful Midvale, Utah.