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5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Company for Your Apartment Complex

Posted : November 8, 2020

With the November winds the first winter snow arrives, and if you don’t already have a snow removal plan in place for your apartment complex, you need to get one right away. Failing to provide proper snow and ice management at your apartment complex not only puts you at risk for liability but also violates the law. For these reasons alone, it is an excellent idea to hire a firm to provide snow and ice management services. But what are some of the other benefits of hiring a commercial snow removal company?

1 – No Need to Invest in Expensive Snow Removal Equipment

Installing snow plows onto company vehicles is expensive, and not necessarily be a cost-effective way to manage the snow and ice that winter brings. Other equipment such as salt spreaders, and ATVs equipped with snow blades may only be needed a few times a year, and thus not really worth investing in. A professional commercial snow removal equipment company has all of the equipment necessary to do the job and the expertise to use it properly.

Apartment snow removal services in Park City, UT in action

2 – Faster Response Times to Snow Events

Commercial snow removal companies keep a constant eye on the weather and have their fleet of snow removal vehicles ready to leap into action when a winter storm is imminent. They have well-trained professionals who tear through snow-covered parking lots, walkways, and access roads and get it taken care of before it becomes a big problem.

3 – No Need to Allocate Apartment Resources for Snow Removal

Chances are if you have maintenance staff hired on as full-time employees, they don’t have a lot of experience with snow removal. Maybe they occasionally use snow blowers, or use a plow on the front of a pickup truck to push snow in an emergency, but do not do these tasks on a regular basis. This makes them inefficient when performing these tasks. Hiring professionals that do this for many hours each winter season gets you experienced snow warriors who know how to clear snow and ice quickly and effectively. This allows you to keep your maintenance staff working on what they know best keeping your apartment complex running smoothly.

4 – Reduces the Likelihood of Injuries

Efficient and comprehensive snow and ice management services clear areas of dangerous ice and snow which may create slippage hazards to your tenants, or cause accidents in your parking lots or access roads. This not only keeps your tenants safer but also reduce your liability for these accidents because the snow and ice have been managed effectively.

5 – Reduces the Number of Responsibilities During Winter

Winter responsibilities don’t begin immediately after the first snow of the season hits the ground. It starts way before that. Installing snow blades on vehicles, stocking up on ice-melting pellets, training staff in the use of the snow removal equipment and proper shoveling techniques must also occur before that time. Then, all of the same equipment must be removed and properly stowed away each spring. This takes up a lot of time. Hiring a professional commercial snow removal company frees up your resources to work on more important tasks in the complex.

Looking for Snow Removal Services for Your Apartment Complex in Utah?

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