If your front yard is on the smaller side, you might be wondering if your options for landscaping and a beautiful garden design are limited. The answer: Not at all! There are numerous ways to transform small front yards with creative landscaping.

At Aeroscape, we’re here to help. We provide quality landscape installation services to clients across Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, Sandy and nearby areas of Utah, including everything from simple lawn and tree features to water features, driveway pavers and more. We’ve assisted numerous clients with landscape design for a small yard, and we’re happy to help you here as well. Here are some of the common themes we often recommend to clients with small front yard areas, helping them design a beautiful landscape that stands out.

Lawn Possibilities First

For many smaller front yards, the lawn is the central feature and often takes up most of the available space. But just because your yard is small doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful lawn.

One way to maximize lawn space in a smaller yard is to install artificial grass. This has become an increasingly popular trend among homeowners, as it offers all the benefits of natural grass without the maintenance and upkeep. Plus, artificial grass always looks perfectly manicured, which can make your entire landscape look more polished and put together.

Another option for a small yard with minimal lawn space is to add pavers or stepping stones throughout the lawn area. These can create a unique and interesting look while also breaking up the monotony of just having grass. Plus, they can serve as functional walkways that lead to other areas of the yard.

Use Vertical Space

In a small front yard, you may not have much horizontal space to work with, but don’t forget about vertical space! Adding tall plants or structures like trellises or arbors can add height and dimension to your landscape. You can also use hanging baskets or wall-mounted planters for an extra touch of greenery.

Another great way to use vertical space is by adding a living wall feature. This involves installing shelves or panels on a wall and filling them with plants, creating a green oasis in an otherwise unused space.

Add Color and Interest

Even with limited space, you can still add plenty of color and interest to your front yard. Consider adding a variety of colorful flowers, either planted in the ground or in containers for added versatility. You can also mix different types of plants for texture and visual interest.

Incorporating unique features like a small water fountain or birdbath can also add charm and personality to your landscape. And don’t forget about lighting – adding some solar-powered lights along pathways or around garden beds can add a warm and inviting touch to your front yard, especially in the evening hours.

Consider Smaller Plants or Shrubs

The concept of proportionality is important in landscape design, especially for small spaces. Consider opting for smaller plants or shrubs that won’t take up too much space but can still add a pop of color and greenery to your yard.

You can also use containers or hanging baskets to incorporate even more plant life without taking up valuable ground space. And if you have a fence or wall along the edge of your front yard, consider adding climbing plants like ivy or morning glories to add some vertical interest and texture.

Drip Irrigation

Because some smaller yards may limit your ability or desire to use sprinklers due to risks of water hitting your home and foundation, consider using a drip irrigation system instead. This type of watering system delivers water directly to the roots of your plants, minimizing waste and promoting more efficient growth.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Some may assume that because their front yard is small, it requires less maintenance. However, this is not always the case. Even a small yard can become overgrown and messy if not properly cared for.

Be sure to take into account the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into maintaining your landscape when choosing plants and features. If you don’t have much time or interest in gardening, opt for low-maintenance plants or consider hiring a professional landscaping company like Aeroscape to handle the upkeep for you.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for landscaping a small front yard that go beyond just a simple lawn. With some creative thinking and strategic planning, you can design a stunning landscape that maximizes the space you have available. And remember, if you need assistance with your small yard landscaping project, Aeroscape is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help bring your vision to life, whether you’re in SLC, Draper, South Jordan, Sandy or any nearby area.

There are many considerations you might be thinking about when designing a front yard landscape, and one top example for many homeowners is the existing style of their home. It’s easy to create fantastic front yard landscape designs for every home style out there, and there are a few different approaches you might take. 

At Aeroscape, we’re proud to offer unmatched landscape contractor and landscape installation services to clients around Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, Sandy and nearby areas, including front yard landscape designs for any home or setting you’re interested in. There are a wide range of different styles or templates your landscape can take on – let’s go over some of the most notable, the sorts of home styles they tend to match or contrast well with, and what to think about if you’re looking to achieve any of these design styles for your landscape. 

Traditional Style

When we talk about the traditional landscape style, there are a few characteristics that come to mind. This style tends to prioritize symmetry, balance, and formality – it’s the sort of setting you might expect in a stately home or estate. 

One key factor in creating a traditional front yard landscape is maintaining clean lines and geometric shapes throughout your design – think straight paths, neat hedges, and well-manicured lawns. In terms of plant choices, you may want to stick with classic options such as boxwoods, hydrangeas, or roses.

The traditional landscape style has persisted for so long in part because it’s so flexible and amenable to various home styles. It naturally does quite well with traditional-styled homes like Colonial, Victorian, or Georgian, but it can also provide a beautiful contrast to more modern or contemporary homes. With the right balance of elements, this style can give your home’s exterior a timeless and elegant look.

Formal Style

Similar to traditional style in some ways, formal style landscapes also prioritize symmetry and balance, but with a bit more structure and formality. This is often achieved through the use of geometric shapes such as circles, squares, or rectangles in plant beds and hardscape features like patios and walkways.

When creating a formal front yard landscape, consider incorporating elements like topiaries, water features, or sculptures to add visual interest and break up any monotony. This style pairs well with homes featuring classical architecture, such as Greek Revival or French Country.

Modern Style

Also known as contemporary style in many circles, modern style landscapes typically feature clean lines, minimalist design, and a focus on functionality. This style often utilizes elements like concrete, metal, and glass to create a sleek, industrial look.

When designing a front yard landscape with a modern style in mind, think about incorporating bold shapes and textures through plant choices like ornamental grasses or succulents. This style goes well with homes that have simple yet striking architecture, such as Mid-Century Modern or Prairie-style homes.

Cottage Style

If you’re looking for a more charming and cozy front yard landscape design, consider the cottage style. This approach takes inspiration from quaint English cottages and aims for a relaxed, whimsical feel.

Incorporating elements like picket fences, climbing vines, and colorful flowers can help achieve this look. Cottage-style homes themselves often have a rustic charm, so this landscape style is best suited for similar home styles such as country cottages or Craftsman homes.

Informal Style

While some might consider informal style to be part of the modern style category, it’s worth highlighting on its own because of how different it can be from the other styles mentioned. Informal style landscapes tend to have a more organic, natural feel and aren’t as rigid or structured.

When designing an informal front yard landscape, consider using native plants and incorporating elements like meandering paths or a mix of plant heights for a more relaxed and casual look. This style pairs well with homes that have a cozy, rustic charm, such as log cabins or bungalow-style homes.

Style Mixing and Matching

One of the great things about landscaping in general, particularly for large front yard areas, is that you’re not limited to just one style. In fact, many homeowners choose to mix and match elements of different styles to create a unique and personalized front yard landscape.

For example, you could combine the symmetry and formal structure of a traditional style with some more natural and whimsical cottage-style features for a charming yet elegant look. Or, take a modern approach but incorporate some informal elements like native plants for a more eco-friendly design.

Ultimately, the key to designing your ideal front yard landscape is finding the right balance between personal taste, home style, and functionality. With the right combination of elements and professional help from experts like Aeroscape, you can create a front yard landscape that perfectly complements your home and makes a lasting impression on all who see it. Contact us today for more on our landscaping services around SLC, Draper, South Jordan, Sandy and nearby areas!