Snow Removal Services in Lehi

Overlooked Snow Removal Services Provided by a Snow/Ice Management Company

  • by Aeroscape

In addition to the main reason you hire a snow removal services company–plowing snow–there are several other services that a snow/ice management company should provide for your home or business that you might not think about.

Snow Stacking & Hauling

Large snow events create their own unique problems that a simple plow job cannot fix. A lot of snow takes up space, and as a result might limit your parking or driving areas, so something must be done with that extra snow. This is where snow stacking comes into play. Snow stacking involves using equipment such as a front-end loader to “stack” large amounts of snow vertically, and thus saving you valuable space.

Sometimes snow stacking isn’t enough. In these instances, the snow needs to be removed from the premises. A good snow removal services company provides snow hauling services to remove the snow off-site.

De-Icing Services

De-icing services are an essential part of the snow removal process, and should be deployed in conjunction with snow plowing. Whether the company uses calcium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, urea, or other de-icing formulations, the de-icing improves the safety of the space after a snowfall.

Sidewalk Clearing

This is a snow removal service that is sometimes overlooked when hiring a snow/ice management company. A good snow removal service clears sidewalks quickly and efficiently even after heavy and/or icy snow storms. These companies use snow blowers, ATVs with plow attachments, or good old-fashioned muscle using snow shovels to get the job done.

The Time to Get Snow Removal Services in Salt Lake City is NOW!

Aeroscape is not just a property maintenance and landscaping company that takes the winter off. We have a fleet of snow removal vehicles, including plows, front-end loaders, backhoes, skid steers, snow blowers and much more to provide the highest quality worry-free snow removal throughout the state of Utah. So, if you are a resident of Salt Lake City, Park City, Lehi, Midvale or any of the surrounding areas, call us now at 801-569-2383 or complete our online form on our Snow Removal Services page.

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